Week in Review (59)

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It’s graduation week so I’m going to be extremely busy doing all kinds of family stuff but I wanted to put up a post about what I’ve been up to…reading wise. Cause I’ve been reading. 🙂

What I’m Currently Reading

Some Kind of Hero (Troubleshooters #17) by Suzanne Brockmann

Navy men don’t come tougher than Lieutenant Peter Greene. Every day he whips hotshot SEAL wannabes into elite fighters. So why can’t he handle one fifteen-year-old girl? His ex’s death left him a single dad overnight, and very unprepared. Though he can’t relate to an angsty teen, he can at least keep Maddie safe—until the day she disappears. Though Pete’s lacking in fatherly intuition, his instinct for detecting danger is razor sharp. Maddie’s in trouble. Now he needs the Troubleshooters team at his back, along with an unconventional ally.

Romance writer Shayla Whitman never expected to be drawn into a real-world thriller—or to meet a hero who makes her pulse pound. Action on the page is one thing. Actually living it is another story. Shay’s not as bold as her heroines, but she’s a mother. She sees the panic in her new neighbor’s usually fearless blue eyes—and knows there’s no greater terror for a parent than having a child at risk. It’s an ordeal Shay won’t let Pete face alone. She’s no highly trained operative, but she’s smart, resourceful, and knows what makes teenagers tick.

Still, working alongside Pete has its own perils—like letting the heat between them rise out of control. Intimate emotions could mean dangerous, even deadly, consequences for their mission. No matter what, they must be on top of their game, and playing for keeps . . . or else Pete’s daughter may be gone for good.

I’m just about done with this book and while it’s not my favorite Troubleshooters book, I still enjoyed it. There were some points in the story where I wanted to strangle different people but overall, it was a good book. Right after I finish this book, I’m jumping into Stay (WAGs #2) by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy.

What I Read

Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon | 4 out of 5
I Knew You Were Trouble by Lauren Layne | 4 out of 5
Dating You, Hating You by Christina Lauren | 3.5 out of 5
Wired by Julie Garwood | 3.5 out of 5

My favorite read of the week goes to I Knew You Were Trouble by Lauren Layne. I enjoyed all of the books that I read this week but this one was my favorite. I just liked being in the Oxford world again and I enjoyed Nick and Taylor’s story. I’m seeing that it’s not getting a lot of love around the blogosphere but I liked it.

My least favorite read of the week is probably Dating You, Hating You by Christina Lauren. It was a good read, a solid first read for me by this author but I just enjoyed the other books that I read this week just a smidge more than this one. Also? This book offended my book bestie, Ames and that played into my feelings on the book. I agreed with her on that one thing so that’s why it’s my least favorite.

Book Boyfriend of the Week

Nick Ballantine from I Knew You Were Trouble by Lauren Layne

Of all of the guys that I read about this week, Nick is probably my favorite. His story kind of broke my heart and I loved seeing him fall in love with Taylor, even when she was being difficult. He wasn’t perfect by any means because I wanted to throttle him something fierce near the end of the book but after all was said done, I still loved the hell out of him so that’s why he’s this week’s book boyfriend of the week.

What I Reviewed

Silver Silence by Nalini Singh

What I Posted

Nothing. Gah. I’ve been so busy trying to bring my book blog, Book Binge back to life that I haven’t had any time to update this blog. I promise I’ll do better!

What I Got for Review

The Final Score by Jaci Burton
The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare
A Duke in Shining Armor by Loretta Chase
If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout

What I Bought or was Gifted

I Knew You Were Trouble by Lauren Layne
Dating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren
Once and For All by Sarah Dessen
My Roommates Girl by Julianna Keyes

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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Review: Riverdale, Season 1

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Starring: K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, Case Cott
Creator: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Release Date: January 26, 2017
Rating: TV-14
Run Time: 45min
TV Type: Crime, Drama, Mystery

After the death of one of the rich and popular Blossom twins on 4th July, the small town of Riverdale investigates the murder. The series starts in September, the beginning of a new school year that brings new students, relationships and reveals the mysteries of the past 4th July.

Riverdale is the show that took the slot that Vampire Diaries had for the longest time. For the last eight years I was all about the Salvatore brothers, Stefan mostly, but there were times when I had mad Damon love so when that show ended, I had to find another show to fill that spot. Riverdale started making the promo rounds and I started looking up the characters, and after watching the trailer, I was sold. Riverdale is a darker version of the Archie comics. It’s the Archie comics come to life, in a darker town with loads and loads of secrets.

I’m so glad that I started this show because it’s the perfect replacement for Vampire Diaries. The whole show is ripe with teen angst, sexy characters and mysteries to solve.

This season’s mystery is trying to find out who killed Jason Blossom. Every week, there was a new suspect and every week, I thought the killer was someone new. The only person that I never thought was guilty of killing Jason was the stupid pedophile teacher, Miss Grundy. I’m glad her relationship with Archie didn’t last long because I hate the teacher and student love match storyline. Hate it, hate it, hate it. But I liked the way that this story played out over the course of the season. Everyone was a suspect and my jaw literallly dropped when we found out who it really was.

There was a lot of bombs that are dropped each week and I really liked how the writers did that. There was plenty to keep us guessing, keep us invested and I’m so glad that I watched it. I have loads of questions that need answering and I’m hoping Season 2 will supply the answers.

I want to know why the killer killed Jason. I want to know how the gun got into FP’s trailer. I want to know if Kevin’s Dad is a bad cop. I want to where Jughead will go and what happens to him now after his world imploded. What happens now for Cheryl? How are things going to change with Veronica’s father coming back? So many different questions for next season.

Favorite Episode: The pilot. The whole freaking episode was just one shocking revelation after one shocking revelation and in the end, you were still left with so many questions.

Favorite Character: Jughead. I love his ornery, hates to be around other people but so stinkin’ smart ass. Jughead is loyal and he’s conflicted but at his core, there’s a goodness in him that nobody else on the show has. My heart hurt for him at every turn. He had every opportunity and reason to be that bad kid but not Jughead. He’s grumpy and a smart mouth but he’s so much more than that too. Honorable Mention: Cheryl Blossom. Nobody serves bitchy clap backs the way that Cheryl does. She’s a classy bitch and I’m so here for everything that comes out of her mouth.

Favorite Ship: Archie and Betty = Barchie. I’m probably the only person that ships these two together but as great as the couples going on right now are, none of them hit me right in my feels the way that Archie and Betty did in this scene:

I’m a sucker for that unrequited love storyline and I can’t wait to see how this ship sails…

Overall, season 1 of Riverdale was compelling and it was shocking and just everything that I love in a teeny bopper drama. I loved all of the relationship drama between everyone and I loved Dark Betty and every day Cheryl and I really loved that in this version of the comics, Betty and Veronica are great friends. I’m super thrilled that there will be a Season 2 and I’ve got high hopes for it.

If you’re looking for a new ansty teen drama, you should give this one a go. It’s good, I promise.

TV Trailer

My Rating

4 out of 5

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Review: Chicago Justice, Season 1

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TV Shows have wrapped for the season and I wanted to write down my thoughts on the shows that I’m watching. You’ll be seeing a lot of that in the coming weeks as I watch a lot of shows. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Starring: Philip Winchester, Jon Seda, Joelle Carter, Monica Barbaro, Mark Jefferies
Creators: Michael Brandt, Derek Haas, Matt Olmstead, Dick Wolf
Release Date: March 1, 2017
Run Time: 1hour
TV Type: Crime, Drama

The State’s Attorney’s dedicated team of prosecutors and investigators navigates heated city politics and controversy head-on, while fearlessly pursuing justice. As they take on the city’s high-stakes and often media-frenzied cases, they must balance public opinion, power struggles within the system, and their unwavering passion for the law.

Chicago Justice is the fourth installment in the One Chicago franchise and since I watch all of the other shows, I knew that I was going to watch this one. The first season kicked off a little later in the fall season than the other shows but I thought that the show really hit the ground, running.

So this show follows the State’s Attorney’s team as they go to battle day in and day out in the courtroom. The lead prosecutors are Peter Stone and Anna Valdez and they work with a familiar Chicago PD face, Antonio Dawson and his new partner, Laura Nagel to battle the bad guys in court. Every week, there’s a different case and the case’s that they’re working are really ripped from real life stories and I really enjoyed the entire season. This is one of the shows that I watched faithfully every week and I don’t see that stopping next season. The cases they worked this season were interesting to me. There was a case where an innocent girl was killed in a war that started on social media. There was another case where a developer is killed in a crane accident that was actually intentional and his wife had a part in planning the “accident”. Lots and lots of interesting cases were worked.

If I had a gripe, it would be the way that the season ended. There’s no cliff hanger that leaves us wondering what’s going to happen next season. The finale was just another regular episode with one case that was worked and then solved. I’m sure that was done because it hasn’t been picked up for another season but dude…whoever is in charge of making those decisions, RENEW THIS SHOW ALREADY!! I want to see these characters get another season.

Favorite Ship: Peter, Anna, Antonio and Laura make a great team and the romantic in me is trying to figure out who is going to start pairing up. The only couple that I’m shipping is Peter and Anna. I enjoy seeing them on camera together and like the chemistry between them. Sorry Nagel, I’m still low key shipping Antonio with Sylvie Brett from Chicago Fire.

Favorite Episode: I don’t really have a favorite episode because I enjoyed them all. The episode where Anna’s integrity is called into question was an interesting one. I still have loads of questions about that one. Are we going to find out what Anna’s real connection with the judge was? Was he her lover or her father?

Favorite Character: I don’t have one. I like them all. I like that they’re all flawed and yet, trying to do right by the people in their cases. I have a big ol’ crush on Peter though. He’s hot.

Overall, this is an interesting show with a great cast that I want to see more of. I want to see these characters grow and interact more with the folks from the other Chicago shows. I want to see more Gabby Dawson on this show. She should be more involved in his life and he in hers. I also want to see more of the different characters backgrounds. I want to meet Laura’s daughter, see what’s going on with Dawson and his kids, meet Peter’s friends and Anna’s family. I want all of that.

ETA: So I just found out that NBC cancelled Chicago Justice. I’m so mad that I just might stop watching any new NBC shows from now on. I hate getting hooked on a show and they cancel them. It’s happened too many times. Grrrr.

Season 1 Trailer

My Rating

4 out of 5

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