Man Crush Monday (16)

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Man Crush Monday

I’m back! For sure this time. I took a short hiatus because I had a lot of wedding duties to attend to and the blog kind of fell by the wayside but I’m back and I’ve noticed that a lot of my crushes are fictional ones from my books and the guys that I picture them as.

Today’s man crush is Griffin Shipley from Sarina Bowen’s Bittersweet. I read that book last week and completely adored it and immediately scoured through all of Google to find the perfect Griff and this is who I see…


Sure, Griff has more beard going on but give this guy a few months and he’d be a dead ringer for August Griffin Shipley in my head. <3<3<3

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A Sneak Peek into Chloe’s Wedding…

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…I’ll update more but here are the videos that I wanted to share immediately.

This is the snap shot of the the entire wedding reception so you can get a feel of how it turned out but I’ll post pictures and what not later.

Ames, here’s the dance. All of my kids did an amazing job for only having three days of practice.

More to come…

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Throwback Thursday (14)

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So I’m Rowena and I’m #8 of the Wilson 9. I grew up in Southern California and can’t really complain about my childhood because even though I lived in Lennox, California – I had a great time living there. I had great friends and a nice house to go home to every night. We may have lived in the “ghetto” but our house was nice and I have fond memories of that house on Condon.

I remember the day that we took this family picture. It was my sophomore year at North High and this family picture was our Christmas gift to our parents. I remember that Helen was pregnant with RJ and Blanche just had Chance. Henry was still drunk from the party the night before and Mel stood on a block in the back. I also remember thinking that Blanche looked like the Godfather of our family in this picture with her big poofy hair and dark lipstick. I also remember that dress that Ingrid’s wearing. I couldn’t wait for that dress to make its way down to me. I was so ready to wear it because I thought it was so cute. I also remember Seko…and I miss him so much.


Haha, oh man. The memories…they kill me.

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