Man Crush Monday (5)

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Man Crush Monday

I’ve been seeing this guy around the internet a lot and I really like what I see. He’s smoking hot and his personality cracks me up. I don’t watch Football (not even the Super Bowl, not even the commercials during the Super Bowl), basketball is more my thing but like I said, I really like what I see so he’s this week’s MCM.




Hot damn.

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Throwback Thursday (5)

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen my Security Boys from my last job and holy cow, I found this picture and couldn’t stop laughing because we did a lot of silly shit at work.

Angry Birds - James

I remember this day. That is James and I playing Angry Birds while we waited for Chris to go to lunch. So James would balance all of the pigs on his body (as pictured) and I had to throw the Angry Birds at him one by one, trying to knock all of the pigs off of him. If Chris was playing, we would both throw the birds at James and the person who knocked off the most pigs won.

You always wanted to win with these guys too because if you didn’t, they would make you pay. You’d have to drink an entire pitcher of sangria by yourself at lunch. You had to buy two shots of something disgusting for the winner. You had to wear the Mrs. Potato Head costume for an hour at work. You had to sit there and let the winners hit you with a billion nerf gun bullets. It was always something incredibly dumb but also incredibly hilarious.

I don’t have a bunch of friends that I can do that stuff with here at my new job and coming across pictures like this makes me miss the good ol’ days when someone with a cat, snuck their cat into the office because he couldn’t leave his cat in the apartment since his landlord didn’t know about the cat and work was being done at the apartment and with my help, we snuck the little kitty in…and then got caught cause the dumbass cat owner made a freaking litter box out of Chris’ computer equipment. Hahahahaha, oh the good ol’ days.

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Week in Books (11)

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Currently Reading

Fully Ignited
Fully Ignited (Boston Fire #2) by Shannon Stacey.

When Jamie Rutherford takes a temporary assignment as lieutenant of Boston Fire’s Engine 59, she doesn’t anticipate any problems. She’s been in the fire service for a long time and, even though she’s fairly new to Boston, she knows how to make any firehouse her home. What she’s not prepared for is her reaction to firefighter Scott Kincaid.

Scott is looking for a wife. It’s been a fun ride as a single guy, but he’s tired of being the third wheel, and nearly losing his brother-in-law finally made him realize just how much he wants a family of his own. When the new guy at the firehouse turns out to be a capable, confident and very attractive woman, his plan is completely derailed.

Hooking up with a fellow firefighter has never been part of Jamie’s plan, but she’s tempted by Scott—even though getting involved with him could tarnish the reputation she’s worked so hard for. And Scott can’t stop thinking about Jamie, despite the fact that she’s his superior and not sticking around. Chemistry can crush the best-laid plans, though, and while Jamie and Scott might not be each other’s future…there’s no resisting the right now.

I’m back on the reviewing train, reading some review books because I got caught up in my TBR pile and the Alpha & Omega series. It’s Scotty Kincaid time. Woot!


Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs | 4.25 out of 5
Fair Game by Patricia Briggs | 4.25 out of 5

I enjoyed both books that I read this week. This series is shaping up to be a real winner for me. Thank goodness for the 5 Books Everyone Should Read Challenge. I wouldn’t have read these book if not for that challenge kicking me in the ass. I’m loving Charles and Anna!


Unrequited (Woodlands #4) by Jen Frederick
Unraveled (Woodlands #3) by Jen Frederick
Jock Blocked (Grid Iron #2) by Jen Frederick
Before I Fall (Falling #1) by Jessica Scott
The Charlotte Chronicles (Jackson Boys #1) by Jen Frederick
Roommates by Erin Leigh

New Additions

I got some review books this week, getting ready for some blog tours.

For Review

The CEO’s Unexpected Child by Andrea Laurence
A Forbidden Temptation by Anne Mather
The Friends We Keep by Susan Mallery


Alex (Cold Fury Hockey #1) by Sawyer Bennett
Garrett (Cold Fury Hockey #2) by Sawyer Bennett

There you have it, my week in books. How did your week go?

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