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The Seventeen Listen: 17 Carat

Posted March 8, 2023 by Rowena in Reviews | 0 Comments

Welcome to my deep dive down the rabbit hole that is Seventeen. I’m going to try to write out my thoughts on the different albums coming out from both BTS and Seventeen since right now, they’re the only groups that I actively stan but I’m also going to start my Seventeen journey for record keeping on the blog.

This week, I’m going back to the beginning and will be sharing my thoughts on their first album, 17 Carat.

17 Carat

Release Date: May 29, 2015
Track List: Shining Diamond, Adore U, Ah Yeah, Jam Jam, 20
Favorite Song: Adore U
Favorite Line:

17 Carat is the debut extended play by South Korean boy group Seventeen. It was released on May 29, 2015, by Pledis Entertainment and distributed by LOEN Entertainment. “Adore U” serves as the lead single for the extended play.

As a non-Korean speaking person, what I’m doing with each song in each album is looking up lyric translations, watching performances of the songs on YouTube on top of listening to the songs on Spotify and whatever CD’s that I have (being a new Carat, I don’t have all the albums yet but I’m working on it…and it’s a lot harder to get some of the older albums which makes me sad.) Alright with all of that out of the way, let’s jump right in.

Shining Diamond: So what I’m taking from this song is that it’s an introduction to Seventeen. The way that they slid in with that “Slip into the diamond life” made me laugh because hahaha, okay?? Don’t mind if I do? Haha. I’m digging this song. It’s not my favorite song or anything but it’s a solid introduction to the guys. Stepping into the diamond life is not a bad decision and I’m glad that I did. I love that the boys are committing to getting better and making sure you don’t regret becoming their fan in the lyrics of this song. Vernon stands out the most to me in this one, what a cutie.

Adore U: This is one of the songs I’ve heard before, I’m not super familiar with it but I do like it. Listening to it again (and again and again) only makes me like it more. I watched the MV for this one and holy cow, they’re freaking babies in it! I am LOVING baby Seungkwan! Vernon’s hair!! Jeonghan’s long hair!!! The song itself is such a cute song about having a crush and all of the feelings that come with realizing you adore someone and seeing baby Seventeen performing this one was so stinking adorable. I can’t get over baby Seungkwan and DK. Their strong singing skills were completely evident even back then. This is hands down my favorite song on the album. Love this one!

Ah Yeah: This is a hip hop team song so no singers, just the rappers and this is one of those songs that after just listening to it on Spotify, I liked it okay but it wasn’t until I listened to it a couple more times and then saw them perform it that I really started to like it. Seeing baby Vernon, S Coups, Wonwoo, and Mingyu perform this one was a lot of fun. They really do know how to put on a show.

Jam Jam: This is a performance team song, well the performance team and Vernon. It’s a nice song to dance to and the performance of this song was a lot of fun. Vernon is a lot of fun and he really shines in this song. I liked the dance but the song itself isn’t something that I would regularly listen to but it’s definitely on my weekend clean the house playlist. It’s definitely fun, that’s for sure.

20: I’m really soft for this song. I think it’s such a cute song and the OT13 performance that I saw made me love the song like a hundred times more. I also watched the vocal line perform this one on their own and loved it just as much. I really love Woozi and Jeonghan on this song, they really did their thing on this one.

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Final Thoughts


This album was a great introduction to Seventeen. It showed their earnestness and they’re desire to work hard, do well, and their invitation to join them on their journey was great. I’m excited to deep dive into the rest of their music and enjoy my own journey through their history.

Really Liked It

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