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Get to Know the Romance Reader Tag

Posted October 15, 2019 by Rowena in Personal | 8 Comments

I saw this book tag on a couple of different blogs and even though nobody tagged me to do it, I’m doing it anyway. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything personal on here so this was the perfect post to throw up today. Sorry, I don’t know where this book tag started and I really don’t even know which blogs I saw it on (it’s been ages) so whoever started it, thank you! Here are my answers…

1. What is your romance origin story? I didn’t start reading romance novels until I was out of high school. The summer after high school, I didn’t have a job so I babysat for my sisters. I used to watch everyone’s kids at my sister Blanche’s house and when she moved into a new house, we went a couple of weeks without cable so I became super bored. I came across a box of books and Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught was at the top of the stack so I picked it up and started reading it. I read that book in an entire day and I read the rest of the books in that box in like a month. And then when I would get paid, I would buy more books. I never turned back.

2. If you could be the heroine in a romance novel, who would be the author and what’s one trope you’d insist be in the story? What a great question. 5 years ago, my answer would have been different but right this minute? I’d want Lauren Layne to write the book I’m in and I’d want a Single Dad trope. I’m trash for Single Dads. Seriously.

3. What is a romance you’ve read this year, that you want more people to read? Hmm, probably Hook Shot (Hoops #3) by Kennedy Ryan. That was such a well written book with characters that just lit up the pages and a romance so steamy, I fanned myself multiple times. This book had everything and not too many people that I know have read it. I love Keenan and Lotus’ story so much and I know that everyone else would if they gave it a shot. At least I hope they would.

4. What is your favorite romance subgenre? Easy. Contemporary romance. I adore modern romances because it’s easy for me to connect with what these characters are going through and they’re really easy to read. Most of the time, I’m eager for stories that are easy to follow along with and not super angsty or heavy on the plot. Contemporary romance is perfect for that, and in turn, perfect for me. What subgenre have you not read much from? I don’t read a lot of urban fantasy or paranormal though I hope to change that this month since it’s the month for scary things.

5. Who is one of your auto-buy romance authors? Lauren Layne. I would read her grocery lists if she let me. She writes my kind of romances. Romances that are character-driven and full of heart. I love her stuff. Even when I get her books for review, I still buy every single book. I can’t help myself. Other authors on my auto-buy lists? Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy, and Kennedy Ryan.

6. How do you typically find romance recommendations? Typically, I scour the Goodreads New Releases page every month, I read a lot of book blogs and my book friends. I’m one of those people that can be easily persuaded to try a book out. I’ve bought plenty of books that I would have never chosen to read for myself just because one of my book blogging friends read and wrote a fantastic review of it. My biggest book influencers are my friends though. Mostly Holly and Ames. They’re my people. They know what I like, what I don’t like and they’ve never steered me wrong.

7. What is an upcoming romance release you’re excited for? I can’t just pick one! That’s madness. There are quite a few romances that I’m looking forward to releasing in the coming months. The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang, Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas, Marriage on Madison Avenue by Lauren Layne, the next Hidden Legacy book by Ilona Andrews, The Bride Bet by Tessa Dare, Daring and the Duke by Sarah MacLean, and a bunch of other books that I can’t think of right now.

8. What is one misconception about romance you would like to lay to rest? That romance novels are mommy porn. There is much more to romance novels than the sex scenes. Sure, there are sex scenes in most romance novels but the stories are about finding your person. Porn is about sex. Romance novels are about love. There’s a big difference.

9. Who is the most recent romance reading content creator you came across that you’d like to shoutout? I can’t remember the latest content creator but one of my favorite Instagrammers is @utcbookblog. Their Instagram feed is the bomb. Full of colors, books out in the world (this is my favorite), pretty books everywhere. They’re like Bookstagram goals and I love their stuff.

10. If someone had never read a romance before and asked you to recommend the first 3 romances that come to mind as places to start, what would those recommendations be? Another easy question for me. Saving Grace by Julie Garwood for historicals, Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie for contemporaries, and Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh for paranormals.

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The Wednesday Post (1)

Posted January 2, 2019 by Rowena in Features | 12 Comments

So I’ve been playing around with things that I want to do on this blog and I’ve been wanting to do a mid-week check in so that I can chat about the books that I’m reading that week. What’s working for me and what’s not but I also want to keep a running lists of books that I cannot wait to get my greedy little hands on. I decided that I’m going to do a mashup of the Can’t Wait Wednesday and WWW Wednesday posts here on my blog and I’m going to call it The Wednesday Post.

Can’t Wait Wednesday is hosted by Tessa over at Wishful Endings and it was based on Waiting on Wednesday that was hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme that is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. It’s a meme that let’s you chat about what you’re reading and planning to read this week.

WWW Wednesday

What did you recently finish reading?

99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

In the last couple of weeks, my reading mojo has been non-existent so I’m trying to get myself out of that reading slump and this is the book that I picked up to jump start my 2019 reading. I finished it in no time so I’m hopeful that my reading for 2019 will be fantastic. This was another fabulous read by Sally Thorne and she has cemented herself on my auto-buy list. Great, great stuff!

What are you currently reading?

Governess Gone Rogue (Dear Lady Truelove #3) by Laura Lee Guhrke

I’m tackling books from my review pile and this book is up. I’m enjoying the book so far and this series is really shaping up to be a fun one. I enjoy Laura Lee Guhrke’s writing and I’m happy to report that this book is just as good as her others.

What do you think you’ll read next?

One and Only (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #1) by Jenny Holiday

I have the third book in this series for review and it comes out in a few weeks so I need to get my ass in gear and get this read so that I can be ready for Three Little Words. I’ve been hearing such wonderful things about this series so I’m looking forward to digging in.

Can’t Wait Wednesday
The Wednesday Post (1)The Bride Test
by Helen Hoang
Series: The Kiss Quotient #2
Also in this series: The Kiss Quotient
Published by Penguin, Berkley on May 7, 2019
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 320
Add It: Goodreads

Khai Diep has no feelings. Well, he feels irritation when people move his things or contentment when ledgers balance down to the penny, but not big, important emotions—like grief. And love. He thinks he’s defective. His family knows better—that his autism means he just processes emotions differently. When he steadfastly avoids relationships, his mother takes matters into her own hands and returns to Vietnam to find him the perfect bride.

As a mixed-race girl living in the slums of Ho Chi Minh City, Esme Tran has always felt out of place. When the opportunity arises to come to America and meet a potential husband, she can’t turn it down, thinking this could be the break her family needs. Seducing Khai, however, doesn’t go as planned. Esme’s lessons in love seem to be working…but only on herself. She’s hopelessly smitten with a man who’s convinced he can never return her affection.

With Esme’s time in the United States dwindling, Khai is forced to understand he’s been wrong all along. And there’s more than one way to love.

We are a matter of months away from Helen Hoang’s next release The Bride Test and I’m super excited about that. Last year’s The Kiss Quotient was my favorite book of the entire year and Hoang’s writing style spoke to me so I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with Kwan’s book. If you remember TKQ, Kwan is Michael Phan’s (swoon) cousin and he’s going to be another interesting character, I just know it. I cannot freaking wait for this one. It’s like at the top of my wishlist.

So, what are you reading this week? Anything good? Anything that you want to rant about?
Are you looking forward to The Bride Test? What other books are you looking forward to releasing this year?

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Can’t Wait Wednesday: When a Duke Loves a Woman by Lorraine Heath

Posted July 4, 2018 by Rowena in Features | 0 Comments

Can’t Wait Wednesday is hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings and it was based on the meme Waiting on Wednesday that was hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

I’m going to try to keep this feature going since I’m always wanting to spotlight books that I can’t wait to come out and can’t wait to get my greedy little paws on. This week’s book is When a Duke Loves a Woman by Lorraine Heath. It’s the second book in the Sins for All Seasons series and it follows another Trewlove sibling as they adventure toward their happily ever after with…a Duke.

Can’t Wait Wednesday: When a Duke Loves a Woman by Lorraine HeathWhen a Duke Loves a Woman
by Lorraine Heath
Series: Sins for All Seasons #2
Published by Harper Collins, Avon on August 21, 2018
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 400
Add It: Goodreads

Gillie Trewlove knows what a stranger's kindness can mean, having been abandoned on a doorstep as a baby and raised by the woman who found her there. So, when suddenly faced with a soul in need at her door—or the alleyway by her tavern—Gillie doesn't hesitate. But he's no infant. He's a grievously injured, distractingly handsome gentleman who doesn't belong in Whitechapel, much less recuperating in Gillie's bed.

Being left at the altar is humiliating; being rescued from thugs by a woman—albeit a brave and beautiful one—is the pièce de résistance to the Duke of Thornley's extraordinarily bad day. After nursing him back from the brink, Gillie agrees to help him comb London's darker corners for his wayward bride. But every moment together is edged with desire and has Thorne rethinking his choice of wife. Yet Gillie knows the aristocracy would never accept a duchess born in sin. Thorne, however, is determined to prove to her that no obstacle is insurmountable when a duke loves a woman.

Gillie is Mick Trewlove’s adopted sister. She was raised with Mick and the other Trewloves by their adopted mother. When we first met Gillie, I was intrigued by her because she dresses like a man and runs a pub that Mick bought for her and she’s described as fiercely independent and super strong. She’s not all that involved in the first book in this series but she certainly left an impression on me so I’m really looking forward to her book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Beyond Scandal and Desire, the first book in this series and I am on pins and needles waiting for this one to come out. If you haven’t read the first book, you should change that because it’s a damn good historical romance and this book promises to deliver some of the same goodness.

This is me right now:

August 21st couldn’t get here fast enough.

Pre-Order the Book

When a Duke Loves a Woman by Lorraine Heath
Releases on August 21, 2018
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Books

Sins for All Seasons Series

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