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Friday Five (2)

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Friday Five I took last week off from the blog because I spent it with the family for Thanksgiving so this week’s Friday Five will be a random catch up session.

Meg 112415
[1] The Comeback Kid is Back!

Meghan is back in action on the basketball court and she’s in season. She’s playing at El Camino College and she’s got, I think it’s 3 college season games under her belt and she’s lighting up the stat sheets. It’s been really great to see her playing again. She looks strong, she’s playing well and she’s made the Daily Breeze (our local newspaper) Blog consistently so I’m happy for her. She’s got plans and she’s got goals and the exposure is a great way to accomplish those goals and plans. Go Meg!
Wilson Gang Thanksgiving 2015
[2] Team Wilson Gang Thanksgiving 2015.

Thanksgiving this year was at Blanche’s house and we had a good turn out. Ingrid, Chloe, Markus and Chach came in from out of town and we had a good Thanksgiving. We had too much food, leftovers for days and loads of laughing. Chach had an interesting weekend while she was in town and as a family, we laughed a lot at her because that’s what we do. Haha. We also spent some time at the cemetery with Mom and Seko. All in all, it was a good holiday for us and I can’t wait to do it all again at Christmas.

[3] Brenna’s Got a Concussion.

Last week at practice, Brenna got elbowed so hard she saw stars. Literally. She was playing defense against one of her teammates and like Smokey from Friday said, “Got knocked the f*&%ck out!” Haha. So she’s not playing right now. She got cleared to play from the doctor so hopefully she’ll be back on the court soon…cause her team needs her.

[4] Basketball Season Has Started.

Basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way they dribble up and down the court…haha. Redondo’s Battle of the Beach tournament kicked off this week and all of the games from here on out count! As of right now, both of my high school teams are 1-1. North lost to Troy on Monday and Redondo lost to Winward on Wednesday. North battles it out with Long Beach Poly today at 3:30 and Redondo plays Harvard Westlake at 6:30. Go Lady Saxons and Seahawks!

[5] Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake’s CMA performance.

This song, actually this performance has been getting a lot of play time at work. I can’t stop listening to it. I’m obsessed. Justin Timberlake is the man! Apparently, so is Chris Stapleton. Mulu, Chris has written a lot of our old country jams. He wrote Your Man by Josh Turner!

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Brenna’s Homecoming Pictures!

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Halloween night, Brenna went to Homecoming with a bunch of her girlfriends on her basketball team. We went that morning (all last minute) to find her a dress and she picked up a couple choices but ended up wearing something completely different and I thought she looked amazing.

I straightened her hair, Chach did her makeup and Blanche styled her from head to toe (though actually, it was more Ron that picked her outfit out – I’m not lying either, haha) and our efforts really paid off because this is what she looked like.

Please excuse the fact that she was looking at everyone’s camera but not mine. Dumb child.

She’ll smile for Chach, but not for me. I’m so feeling the love.

Silly face picture because she’s a Wilson, of course there’s a silly face picture.

Group shot. I didn’t get in the way of all of the professional photographers that showed up for the group pictures. That’s why I’m in the back.

And here’s the picture of her group at the actual dance.

Brenna Homecoming 2015 I’m just barely getting to posting these pictures because Brenna finally gave me my picture yesterday. Crackhead.

How pretty is my kid though?

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