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Review: Room

Posted September 28, 2017 by Rowena in Reviews | 2 Comments

Room (2015)
Starring: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridgers, Joan Allen
Director: Lenny Abrahamson
Release Date: January 22, 2016
Rating: R
Run Time: 1:58
Movie Type: Drama

ROOM tells the extraordinary story of Jack, a spirited 5-year-old who is looked after by his loving and devoted mother. Like any good mother, Ma dedicates herself to keeping Jack happy and safe, nurturing him with warmth and love and doing typical things like playing games and telling stories. Their life, however, is anything but typical–they are trapped–confined to a 10-by-10-foot space that Ma has euphemistically named Room. Ma has created a whole universe for Jack within Room, and she will stop at nothing to ensure that, even in this treacherous environment, Jack is able to live a complete and fulfilling life. But as Jack’s curiosity about their situation grows, and Ma’s resilience reaches its breaking point, they enact a risky plan to escape, ultimately bringing them face-to-face with what may turn out to be the scariest thing yet: the real world.

I went into this movie blind. I had heard of the book and then the movie but I didn’t have any plans on reading the book or watching the movie. I didn’t know what it was about but I saw that everyone was talking about it and loving it when the movie first came out. So last week when I was browsing through the movies on Amazon Prime, I came across Room and remembered all of the praise this movie got on Twitter last year and since I was tired of browsing through the movies, I hit play.

This movie hit me right in the gut and before the movie hit its stride, Brenna had come in and sat down next to me, just as intrigued with what was going on as I was.

The movie starts off in Room with Jack and his Ma. Jack is greeting the toilet, the bed, the wardrobe as if they’re his friends and then we see him and Ma go about their day. Their day looks like any normal day filled with meals, exercise, reading lessons and tv watching but what makes their day different is that the entire day is spent in a tiny room. At first, I was confused wondering why in the hell this little boy was talking to the furniture and then it hit me. It hit me at the same time that it hit Brenna, what was going on and holy cow, I couldn’t stop watching.

My heart hurt for Ma, to live through each day knowing the truth about their situation and then having to rely on Jack, her adorable 5-year-old son to set them both free. It was terrifying at the same time that it was thrilling and I seriously, could not stop watching. I was cheering for both Jack and for Ma to get through their ordeal with minimal scrapes and bruises and what really hit me was Jack.

Seeing Jack experience life outside Room was heartbreaking but it was also really good. I thought he was the strongest person in the movie and I just adored the hell out of him.

The acting in this movie was fantastic. Quite often, I’m taken out of a show or a movie because the acting is terrible but that wasn’t the case with this movie. Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay and even Sean Bridgers did a fabulous job of bringing these characters to life. There wasn’t one thing that I didn’t like about the movie. It was full of great for me. I highly recommend everyone to watch it.

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My Rating

5 out of 5

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