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Throwback Thursday (28)

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This week’s Throwback Thursday is coming a little later in the day because I forgot to write it up last week and then again yesterday. I’ve been missing this girl a bunch since she’s been gone. She’s serving a mission in Brazil and she’s doing great but I came across this picture as I was talking about my co-worker’s root canal the other day.

In my family, we show our love by embarrassing the shit out of each other. You know that you’re loved when we post things like this…

I remember this because Chach was in high school and she got her wisdom teeth out and her face swelled up to three times its normal size and holy cow, we laughed and laughed and laughed. My brother posted this and Chach took it all in stride because she’s that niece of mine that should be the protagonist in a YA novel because her life is full of things that would make people laugh. You’ll remember all about her from this post.

Here’s what she looks like with her normal face…

Chach comes back from her mission in a few months and I can’t wait. She’s such a sweet spirit and I just know that she’s going to have some amazing stories to share. I can’t believe that she’s been gone for over a year already.

Until next week…enjoy!

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Throwback Thursday (20)

Posted February 16, 2017 by Rowena in Features | 14 Comments


This week’s Throwback Thursday features my niece, Chaylene (we call her Chach). Chach turns 20 this year and is probably one of my favorite people. She was one of those girls that glowed up in the latter part of her high school years. Freshman and Sophomore year, she was this skinny stick of girl with glasses and braces then once the braces came off in Junior year, she changed her style and boys took notice.

Back when Facebook was populated by teenagers, Chach used to post on there a lot. She is the niece that I swear could be a contemporary YA protagonist. She is the telenovela queen of our family. She kept me laughing all the time with the outrageous stories she came home with.

Like the time she was standing in line at lunch in back of the hottest guy ever (her words) and she stared for so long and so hard that when he looked back and met her eye, she blurted, “You’re so hot!” and just when she was patting herself on the back for speaking coherently to a hot guy, he says, “Thanks, my boyfriend thinks so too” and Chach immediately deflates. She came home and told me, “I hit on a gay guy today.” and while she was disappointed that she struck out, she laughed at herself because she would be the one to finally work up the nerve to talk to a boy and find out that he’s gay. That he’s not at all interested in her.

A few months after that, a couple of other boys later, Justin Bieber’s song, “As Long As You Love Me” comes out and Chach made the following graphic:

She posted it on Facebook and I laughed and laughed and laughed because this is exactly Chach’s personality.

These days, Chach is serving a full time mission for our Church. She’s at the Missionary Training Center in Utah, waiting on her visa so that she can go forth and teach the people of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. She’s beyond excited and is doing really great things. She’s 19, almost 20 and she’s just as beautiful now as she was then.

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What I’m Looking Forward To in 2017

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2016 is slowly ticking down and as always, I’m reflecting on the year. The ups and the downs, because let’s face it, there were a lot of downs but personally, there were a lot of ups too. My family was blessed with a new addition in my nephew Rocky. My niece Chloe married her Prince Charming. Chance and RJ returned from their missions safe and with honor. The girls are all doing well in basketball. I turned 36 and this blog turned 1. I’m blessed and a huge part of the reason I’m blessed are these guys pictured to the left.

To close out the year, my niece Chach has put together a list of activities that she wants to do as a family before she leaves on her mission next month. First up, we went to see the temple Christmas lights and we watched some videos in the Visitors Center where Chach bore her testimony and made everyone cry. This week, we’re going to our town’s Candy Cane Lane where we’ll see more Christmas lights, drink more hot chocolate and take more pictures with Santa and just be together. The kids will love it and I’m sure us adults will too. It’s always a good time with Team Wilson Gang.

I’m looking forward to all of the family activities we’ll do to wrap up the year but here’s a list of things that I’m looking forward to in the new year.


Getting skinny from all the dieting and exercising I plan on doing in the new year. Ha! Don’t laugh, I’m for reals going to do it. Or, I’m like, 80% sure this is the year I actually do it. Haha.

Chach leaving for her Mission in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The people of Brazil are lucky to be getting one of my favorite kids. There is no one more genuine and likable than Chaylene and she’ll be leaving us to go and do work. I’m proud of that kid!

Brenna graduates from High School. I’m low key freaking out about June 2017 hitting me because my daughter will be graduating from high school and starting the rest of her life as an adult. She’s the same age I was when I had her. Someone hold me. But even with how much freaking out I’m doing, I’m looking forward to celebrating her hard work.

Becoming a Great Aunt. Chloe is pregnant and will be having her baby in March (I think) so I’m ready for a new baby to love and cherish!


There are quite a few movies coming out that I’m looking forward to but here’s a short glimpse into that madness…

My boo thangs Jax Teller Charlie Hunnam and Dylan O’Brien (I know, Cougar Alert! Ha!) have movies coming out next year that I’m super excited about. My favorite Dylan O’Brien character will probably always be Stiles Stilinksy on Teen Wolf but after seeing the pictures coming out of him in American Assassins, I can really get behind supporting him and going to see this movie. You know, because the story looks so interesting. 😉

But I’m also looking forward to all of the other movies listed. Justice League, Logan, Table 19 looks really funny, the trailer for Gifted made me cry so I’m on board for that one and Beauty and the Beast, anybody??? Of COURSE I’m going to see that one.

And though I haven’t read the book for Before I Fall, that’s not going to stop me from seeing the movie. Looks good.

TV Shows

Taken (NBC): This one looks really good and holy cow, I just noticed that it’s Rolo from Vikings as the main character. Lovin’ it! I’m so going to watch this.

Chicago Justice (NBC): I adore the other Chicago shows so I’m really looking forward to watching this one. Especially because Antonio is now a part of this show. I can’t wait!

Sense8 (Netflix): I feel like we’ve been waiting such a long time for this show and umm..I’m right, we HAVE waited a long time for this damn second season but we only a little while longer to wait (fingers crossed) so woo freaking hoo!

Riverdale (The CW): With Vampire Diaries ending after this season, I’m going to need a new show to take its place. This one looks like it because…LUKE PERRY! Team Dylan McKay is back in the house! Yay!

Famous in Love (Freeform): This is a book and it’s being turned into a TV Show. This book nerd is definitely watching it. I hope it’s better than Pretty Little Liars and Shadowhunters. I wasn’t a fan of either of those shows.

Alright, there you have it…some of the stuff that I’m looking forward to in 2017. This post is already long enough so I’ll probably do a list of Books that I’m looking forward to on my book blog, Book Binge. I’ll let you guys know when that goes live.

What movies and TV shows are you looking forward to next year? Anything good that I’m missing?? Let me know!

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The Girls Went to see Sammy J

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I have been dying to see Sammy J in concert ever since I found out that he was coming to California way back in January. At the time, I was pretty obsessed with his song Waiting and with his voice as well. I remember sitting in the stands at Brenna’s game one night, singing along to the song playing on my phone when I started googling his tour dates. I found out that he was going to be in town in April and immediately asked my friends to go with me.

I got responses immediately from most of them and they were all a go…and this is one of the things we planned on that we actually followed through on. Mulu and I didn’t make it out to Vegas for the Rugby tournament but I wasn’t going to miss out on Sammy J too.

I had a blast. We missed the first opening act, The Late Ones (haha, we were the late ones that night) which was a bummer because I actually know those kids. I know their parents and I remember them as little kids but my kids kept me from getting to the venue earlier to catch their performance.

Still, the concert was fantastic. We caught Tenelle’s performance and while she sang a lot of covers, she did rock the hell out of them and had Meghan and I scream singing our asses off to the two songs of hers that I knew. Haha. She was great.

The crowd was jamming hard when Tenelle was on stage but the minute that Sammy J came out, the crowd somehow got bigger and they just erupted. It was complete madness and that guy from New Zealand rocked the hell out of that crowd. It was one of the funnest things that I’ve done in a while.

I didn’t get a lot of videos of the concert cause I was too busy scream singing my way through the show but here are some that I took. Please excuse Meghan’s big ass head in front of me. Haha.

Sammy J singing Waiting (my song!)

Sammy J and Tenelle singing Say That You Love Me (my other song!)

Also? Please excuse the shakiness of the video too. My arms got tired. LMAO! Freaking Meghan wouldn’t get her damn hand and phone out of my way either. Ehh.

Still, all in all the concert was great. I had a good time with Sammy J (haha), with my girls and I only felt a little bad that Brenna and Makenna (who wanted to go to the concert) stayed behind to babysit Hanah’s kids so that Hanah can go.

Here are some pictures from our night out with Sammy J!

Sammy J 1

Sammy J 2

Hanah and I are trying to figure out what our next adventure will be so I’ll update when we figure that out.

So much fun!

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