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The Yearly Recap: 2022

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If you know me then you know that Iā€™m a huge nerd. I track the shit out of everything that I do so that I can keep track of what Iā€™m spending my time on. When I was reading a hundred books a year, I tracked what I was reading, what genres I was reading the most and least of, and now that Iā€™m really into watching k-dramas, as you can guess, I tracked my k-drama watching.

I’m on year three of my k-drama adventures and I’m still a nerd so I’m still tracking the shit of my k-drama watching. I’m tracking a lot of things, to be honest. What kind of dramas I’m watching, which tropes, which actors & actresses I’m enjoying, and all sorts of other things as well. I thought that 2022 was a quality year in dramas and there weren’t a whole lot of dramas that I absolutely hated. I’m counting that as a win.

Quick Stats of the Year

Dramas Watched: 64 | Dramas Completed: 47 | Dramas Dropped: 14 | Episodes Watched: 808
Favorite Drama: Alchemy of Souls | Least Favorite Drama: Love is for Suckers

The Breakdown

By Month

January: 6
February: 0
March: 1
April: 4
May: 4
June: 6
July: 9
August: 6
September: 4
October: 4
November: 12
December: 6

This year, I went with the format of drama watching that I used last year. I watched more new shows instead of binge-watching older ones and I really enjoy watching shows that way. I find that I watch more shows with this format so I think that I’m going to stick with it. November was my best month in k-drama watching with February being the worst month in k-drama watching. I should say that those numbers are for dramas that I completed and I was still watching a bunch of dramas in February, I just didn’t complete any so that one is a little tricky.

By Genre

Comedy: 2
Coming of Age: 1
Family: 2
Fantasy: 5
Horror: 1
Legal: 1
Melodrama: 10
Romance: 25
Suspense: 15

2022 was the year that I jumped in and fell down the Suspense k-drama rabbit hole and I’m here for more of these kinds of shows. I’m still pretty solidly stuck in the romance genre and being the kind of person that I am, that is probably never going to change. I’m all about romance!

By Source

Disney Plus: 1
HiTV: 9
Hulu: 3
Netflix: 24
Prime Video: 1
Viki: 25

I didn’t know that Hulu and Prime Video had newly released k-dramas but I know now and I will definitely be watching more of their offerings in the new year. I’m low key excited about that. It’s not surprising to me that I watched most of my dramas on Netflix and Viki. That’s probably not going to change either. They both offer most of everything that I want and need to watch so I will probably continue watching most of my stuff on those platforms. Hopefully this year I’ll give more of the other platforms a shot.

Favorites and Least Favorites of the Year

Favorite Dramas

Alchemy of Souls
Extraordinary You
Weak Hero, Class 1

Least Favorite Dramas

Love is for Suckers
Welcome to Wedding Hell

Favorite Characters

Jang Uk from Alchemy of Souls
Ahn Soo Ho from Weak Class, Hero 1
Lee Jun Ho from Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Mudeok from Alchemy of Souls
Woo Young Woo from Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Na Hee Do from Twenty Five, Twenty One

Least Favorite Characters

Jin Mu from Alchemy of Souls
Park Jae Sang from Little Women
Jin Seong Jun from Reborn Rich

Favorite New to Me Actors

Lee Jae Wook
Kim Young Dae
Yoon Park

Favorite new to Me Actresses

Park Ju Hyun
Seol In Ah
Kim Ji Hyun

Actors I Missed in 2022

Park Seo Joon
Lee Je Hoon
Woo Do Hwan

What did your year in dramas look like? Were there any dramas that you’d recommend? Share in the comments!

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The Monthly Recap: December 2022

Posted January 3, 2023 by Rowena in Features | 2 Comments

The Monthly Recap posts are a way for me to take a look back and reflect on my previous month in Korean dramas. I always lose track of what I want to watch and I need these posts to keep me honest with my damn self because I be forgetting shit.

December was a busy month for me personally but I was able to get some quality k-drama watching in and that always makes me happy. So let’s start this recap, shall we?

Monthly Stats

Dramas Watched: 12 | Dramas Completed: 4 | Dramas Dropped: 4 | Dramas Still Watching: 4
Dramas Reviewed: 9 | Boyfriend of the Month: Kim Tae Hee
Favorite Drama: May I Help You? | Least Favorite Drama: Behind Every Star

Dramas I Completed

Behind Every Star | 3 out of 5
Revenge of Others | 3.5 out of 5
May I Help You | 4 out of 5
Reborn Rich | 3.5 out of 5

These were all solid dramas but Behind Every Star was probably my least favorite of the bunch. I did enjoy the others and while I LOVE May I Help You, I don’t think any of the remaining dramas listed will make my favorite shows of the year list.

Dramas I Dropped

Extraordinary You
The First Responders

Like I said above, December was a busy month for me personally so I had to drop a couple of shows that I do hope to get back to soon(ish). It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying these, I just had a lot of stuff going on and haven’t gotten back to them. I’m hoping to finish them out this month. Wish me luck on that.

Dramas I’m Still Watching

Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow
The Forbidden Marriage
The Interest of Love
Unlock My Boss
Island, Season 1

I’m going to be so sad this coming weekend because the final season of Alchemy of Souls comes to an end. It’s my favorite show of the year so far and I’m not ready to say goodbye to Jang Uk and Naksu and the rest of the gang. The other shows are great too…I hope that they stay that way.

Dramas I Reviewed

Blind | 4.5 out of 5
Love in Contract | 4 out of 5
Extraordinary Attorney Woo | 4.5 out of 5
Alchemy of Souls | 5 out of 5
Hotel Del Luna | 4 out of 5

Gaus Electronics | 4.5 out of 5
Bad Prosecutor | 4 out of 5
Little Women | 4 out of 5
Weak Hero, Class 1 | 4.5 out of 5

Actors that Stood Out

Lee Jun Young: Lee Jun Young as Kim Tae Hee was the bomb. I’ve seen him in a few other things but this role is my favorite of his. I watched a lot of episodes of May I Help You multiple times because he’s so easy on the eyes. Gotta love the eye candy but I also really enjoyed the way that he made Kim Tae Hee shine.

Seo Ji Hoon: I don’t remember ever seeing Seo Ji Hoon in any other drama before but I really liked what he brought to Seok Jae Beom character. He was so great that I looked him up and made note of everything else he’s been in and has coming up, I’m a supporter of his now.

Steven Noh: Jane was my favorite part of the show, Behind Every Star but Lee Sang Wook was a very close second. He was so fine that I had an attitude whenever he didn’t pop on the show enough to suit me. I didn’t know who he was before but I know him now…:)

How was your month, in all the things? Did you read or watch anything good (or bad)? Share in the comments, I’d love to catch up!

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The Weekly Recap (188)

Posted January 2, 2023 by Rowena in Features | 2 Comments

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I hope that everyone had a good holiday season and I hope that 2023 is good to all of us. 2022 proved to be for humbling my ass and teaching me some lessons that I didn’t know I needed to learn. I’m taking those lessons into the new year with me because being unemployed has really impacted me and the confidence I thought I had. It’s been a rough couple of months mentally and going back home was the reset that I needed.

I’ve been in my head too much and there is nobody in this world that could get me out of my head and laughing like there is no tomorrow than my family. I went to Disneyland for the first time in years, I got my first pair of Minnie Mouse ears and I spent time with my Dad. I had an Aunties date with Caiden, Rocky, and Lasi and it was such a good time that I’m still smiling over our conversations from that day. My holidays were good but I’m glad to be home.

Now, let’s get into all of the things that I did last week…

What I Watched

The Glory | 4 out of 5
Harry and Meghan | 5 out of 5

I watched both of these shows with my family, and we binge-watched the hell out of them both. The first one had me shook and at the edge of my seat with each passing episode and the second made me cry. I’m glad that I watched both shows and I can’t wait for the second season of The Glory. March needs to get here…now!

May I Help You?: The last few episodes of this drama weren’t my favorite and I spent a lot of the time distracted while watching them but that doesn’t take to much away from how much I enjoyed this drama as a whole. This was my kind of drama and I am going to miss these characters, especially Kim Tae Hee and Baek Dong Joo but also Uncle Vincent and Uncle Michael. There was lots to love about this one and I am really glad that I watched it.

Reborn Rich: This show wasn’t the perfect show that I was expecting but it was compelling as hell and the characters were interesting, even if I didn’t like more than half of them. I’m glad that I let my favorite IG influencers influence me to give this one a go. It was a good, solid drama.

Summer Strike: This show started slow and I thought for sure I was going to drop it but I’m glad that I didn’t. It progressed nicely each week and ended on such a sweet note that it made me happy and I will definitely miss my friends.

Alchemy of Souls 2: Shit is poppin’ off in the Alchemy of Souls universe and I.AM.HERE.FOR.IT. Jang Uk! I need you to get it together and recognize what is right in front of your face!! AHHHH!!

The Forbidden Marriage: I really like this drama. It’s got the right mix of lightness fun and depth that I’m enjoying heaps. I am loving all of the main leads and am rooting for them all…how I can root for them, I have no idea..but I am. lol.

Unlock my Boss: I’m still enjoying this one as well. Not as much as some of the other shows that I watched last year and this isn’t my favorite show with Chae Jong Hyeop but I’m sure things will keep picking up.

The Interest of Love: I started this show in L.A. with my sister and niece last week but we only got around to watching the first episode…and that was an interesting one. I watched the second episode on my own and am definitely interested in seeing where this one goes. I can’t say that I’m completely hooked yet but there’s promise here.

What I Reviewed

Gaus Electronics | 4.5 out of 5
Bad Prosecutor | 4 out of 5
Little Women | 4 out of 5
Weak Hero, Class 1 | 4.5 out of 5

What I Posted

The Weekly Recap (187)
The Wednesday Five: My Comfort Watches
Eye Candy Friday: Jang Man Wol from Hotel Del Luna
The Wednesday Five: Things I Love About K-Dramas

Eye Candy Friday

Jang Man Wol

Hotel Del Luna

Kim Tae Hyung

Bangtan Sonyeondan

What Made Me Laugh

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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The Weekly Recap (187)

Posted December 19, 2022 by Rowena in Features | 0 Comments

Happy Monday, everyone!

Not much went down this week, except our precious Seokjin entered the military and we were gifted with pictures of all our boys together. It was nice to see them all together again but also sad because Jin’s military enlistment is underway. I’m not going to talk about all of the assholes that disregarded Jin’s request that no media and fans show up to the place where he was going but I do think they’re all assholes, not ARMY.

I’ll also say that I’m not sure how multi-stans do it all. Trying to discover Seventeen’s music, watch their videos, and start collecting their pc’s is hard and slow going because I take my streaming duties seriously so while I’m slowly making my way through their music and videos, I’m also streaming RM’s new album, Jin’s single, Hoseok’s album, and PROOF. Life as a k-pop stan is busy and expensive as hell but someone’s gotta do it and why not me? lol.

Now, let’s get into all of the things that I did last week…

What I Watched

May I Help You?: Lots of shit went down this week and I am surprised that I didn’t see this one coming. I’m not sure who and what I thought was going to be behind everything but I wasn’t expecting any of this until it slapped me right in the face. The way that this week’s episodes played out makes me think that we might be getting our break up this coming week and I’m just not ready for that. Still, I love this damn show so much.

Behind Every Star: This drama ended this week and while I’m glad that I finished it, I’m not sure that I would watch another season with these characters. I really liked Jane’s character, from the jump and til the end, see was such a highlight on this show for me. I’m SO glad with the way that her storyline wrapped up. šŸ™‚ I won’t forget her character, I won’t forget her fine ass boyfriend either. Everyone else? I’m not so sure that I’d remember them. This show was good but not one that I’d go back to.

Revenge of Others: I can’t believe that this show is already over. It was a dark but action-packed ride and I’m glad that I stuck it out. This was a wild ride and the ending eas unexpected and a little hmm, weird so I was a little bummed that what I was hoping didn’t happen, happened but still, it was a solid drama.

The First Responders: Man, I really like the way that show is put together. The cases, the overall story being told, and just all of the characters…I love them and I’m not ready to say goodbye to these characters yet. I am happy that this drama has introduced me to even more fantastic actors and actresses.

Reborn Rich: The plot keeps right on getting thicker and I’m here for it. My heart hurts for Do Jun right now. I’m finally all caught up and gah, we’re almost at the end and things just keep getting more and more interesting. I’m here for all of this.

Summer Strike: The first couple of weeks, I wasn’t that into this show and was only watching it in support of the main actors but I’m glad that I stuck it out because it’s much more enjoyable now. I really enjoy the high school couple’s romance and I’m really starting to adore the main couple. I also hate the librarian lady because all she does is judge everyone around her but I also really adore the kids that be running amock in the library.

Extraordinary You: I didn’t watch any episodes of this drama this week and I’m probably going to put this one on hold since I’m busy with other shows and other things. I’ll come back to this one though.

Alchemy of Souls 2: GAH, I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! Jang Uk, I feel your pain and I know that your love for Naksu is real but you gotta stop hurting my girl. My girl just wanna be loved so I’mma need the writers to move on from this part. I get it. Naksu is hurt, Jang Uk is hurt, everybody got their own shit going on so let’s get on with it…PLEASEEEEEE!!!! Still, I LOVED this week’s episodes. SO MUCH GOODNESS.

The Forbidden Marriage: This is my #2 show that I’m watching right now. The humor, the characters, and there’s just the right amount of everything that I adore in a drama to make me love this one so. The King is so smitten right now and is fighting it hard. I’m so here for all of this sexual tension. I can’t wait to see where this one goes.

Unlock the Boss: I’m good and hooked now. This week’s episodes were great and the overall feel of this show is just my jam so I’m looking forward to where the writers take us from here on out. I know that Se Yeon is a good person so I hope that we can finally move on from suspecting her. There are lots of twists and turns in this one and I need to figure out what happened my damn self.

What I Reviewed

Alchemy of Souls | 5 out of 5
Hotel Del Luna | 4 out of 5

What I Posted

The Weekly Recap (186)
The Wednesday Five: Squad Goals
Eye Candy Friday: Cho Sang Gu from Move to Heaven

Eye Candy Friday

Cho Sang Gu

Move to You

What Made Me Laugh

JinMu pissing everyone off

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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The Weekly Recap (186)

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Hey guys!

It’s a new week and it’s been a quiet week. I didn’t get anywhere on my job hunt this week since I was busy learning my sister’s job and getting familiar with what she does daily. I’m also helping her with her company Christmas party this week, so I’m sure there will be things that she needs my input on so my job hunt has been pushed back one more time. When I get back from L.A. after Christmas, I won’t have anything else for the next little while to plan for so I’m going to get serious about my job hunt then.

For real, for real. If I’m being honest though, if my sister’s company doesn’t hire me, I’m going to be annoyed because what the hell am I even doing all this for? Gah.

Hmm, I will say that between me helping my sister with all of her work, I did manage to become a k-pop fan for real. I used to only listen to BTS but I’ve discovered Seventeen and their music makes me happy. So much so that I’ve got two biases and I purchased their fandom membership (I have three fandom memberships right now…yikes.), I’ve added collecting their photocards to my 2023 goals (just my biases though because there are 13 members in this group) and I’ve added my favorite songs to my weekly streaminig lists so I’m listening to a lot of Indigo (AMAZING ALBUM!), The Astronaut by Jin, Jack in the Box by J Hope, and loads of Seventeen and TXT. I am in k-pop heaven right now.

Now, let’s get into all of the things that I did last week…because it was a lot. I didn’t realize that I’m juggling so many different dramas right now. Some dramas are on their way out though so my watch list should ease up soon. On with the show though…

What I Watched

May I Help You?: We’re in our dating era, guys! Tae Hee and Dong Joo are official and just as things are starting to heat up for them as a couple, the shit hits the fan. Like, everything. I’m really glad that this drama is character driven because I really enjoy both Tae Hee and Dong Joo’s characters.

They’re good people, trying their best each and every day and I just adore them so much. Finding out that Tae Hee’s younger brother was actually the first ghost that Dong Joo saw, reeling from the guilt she’s been carrying around all these years and seeing that it’s part of the same guilt that Tae Hee has been carrying as well. Gah, so much drama and I’m here for it all. I’m curious about how this will all come together to wrap up drama. Sigh, this has been such a great drama.

Behind Every Star: I’m really only watching this show for Jane. There are only a few weeks left of this show and I wonder if I’ll tune in until the very end. Right now, I don’t think so but we’ll see but damn I really hope Jane wins her man back. She better not end up with the guy that bought the company. Also, it was great to see Daniel Henney in this weeks episodes. He’s so damn handsome.

Revenge of Others: This show gives me anxiety. Every damn episode there is something happening that has my heart racing cause I just know that these damn high school kids are going to get caught and everything is going to go up in smoke. This week wasn’t any different. Still, I can’t stop watching and I can’t stop hoping that everything comes together and resolves itself nice and tidy.

The First Responders: I’m still a big fan of this show and this week’s episodes only added to my love for these characters, the work that they do, and just everything. Love this one!

Reborn Rich: The last couple of weeks, I’ve been a bit bored with all of the business shit going on with Reborn Rich but not anymore. I’m gone and completely hooked. I think the romance between the two main leads is a weird one for sure because how the hell do they start dating and then she shows up at his work the way that she did? SMH. Get it together girl. I’m glad that I stuck with this one because things are heating up and I’m stoked to see where we go from here.

Summer Strike: I think this one is a keeper. Last week I didn’t think that I’d keep on with this one but the secondary characters have stood out a lot for me and I’m really liking them and it is through them that I’ve come to love the main leads. That’s never happened before. But, I’m good and hooked now and I’m going to need only good things for Bom now. I freaking demand it. Sigh.

Extraordinary You: I only managed to watch two episode of this one this week and though I’ve warmed up a little bit, the heroine still drives me a little crazy. I’m interested enough that I’m not going to drop this but it’s not my favorite, not by a long shotot. We’ll see how this all turns out though.

Alchemy of Souls 2: IT’S HERE! IT’S FINALY HERE! Therese and I have been waiting for the release of this season to drop for what seems like forever and the first two episodes were just as amazing as we hoped they’d be. I’m SO excited to see where this new season takes us and I’m itching for more Naksu and Jang Uk. There’s no time to fuck around and I’m so here for the changes from the last season. AHHHHHHH, SO EXCITED!!

The Forbidden Marriage: This show premiered this week and the first two episodes were a lot of fun. There was enough of everything that I like in a drama to satisfy me and leave me wanting more. I can already tell that it’s going to be a great ride and I’m looking forward to more.

Unlock the Boss: Another new premiere this week and another show that I’m excited about. The first two episodes were good ones so I’m looking forward to where this one goes as well. December has been a good drama month so far, let’s see if that keeps up but this one is definitely a keeper.

What I Reviewed

Love in Contract | 4 out of 5
Extraordinary Attorney Woo | 4.5 out of 5

What I Posted

The Weekly Recap (185)
The Monthly Recap: November 2022
The Wednesday Five: K-Movies I Love
My TBW Pile: December 2022
Eye Candy Friday: Baek Yi Jin from Twenty-Five, Twent-One

Eye Candy Friday

Baek Yi Jin

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

What Made Me Laugh

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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