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Eye Candy Friday: Mateo Torres from All Played Out

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This week’s Eye Candy Friday hero is such a memorable New Adult hero and I’ve already spotlighted his book on Book Binge but I didn’t think that was enough so I’m featuring him here.

When we first meet Torres, he’s this fun-loving, goofy football player that is all about playing. He’s never really serious and he’s always joking around but you can tell that underneath it all, he’s a good guy. Sure, he’s a playboy and he’s not very picky about his bed partners but he’s not out to hurt anyone. It was so much fun for me to get to know him personally in this book and I just absolutely adored him. I loved seeing him fall for the one girl that wasn’t all that jazzed about him. It made for such a fun romance and you guys should definitely read his book if you haven’t already. 🙂

Here’s who I pictured when reading Mateo’s book so this is who I see as Mateo in my head.

Hot, right? To me, Ryan is the perfect Torres.

Memorable Quote

I mentioned this on Book Binge but I’m going to stand by what I said there. This book is filled with reasons you should be reading this series but this list rates pretty high for the main reason you should read it and that’s why I’m sharing it here on this blog. This is why I absolutely loved Torres. The way that he loved Nell was just so good. It’s great. Here it is.

“Ways to Prove that you love Nell De Luca

1. Tell her. Every day. Three times a day. As many times as it takes.

2. Never choose anything else over her. Not football. Not your own stubbornness. Nothing.

3. Be there whether she wants to go skinny-dipping or wants to study. Make sure she knows that she’s the adventure, not anything else.

4. Always tell her how amazing her food is (okay . . . that one is partly for you, too, because it means you get to keep eating her food).

5. Give her the best sex of her life (also works out pretty well for you).

6. Teach her whatever she wants to know, and learn from her, too. She’s a fucking genius.

7. Tell her she’s a fucking genius. All the time. When she doubts it and when she doesn’t. Just tell her.

8. Never walk away after a fight. Don’t. Fucking. Do it.

9. Prove you love her (preferably in bed, but that’s optional) once a day. Three times a day. As many times as it takes.

10. Be worthy of her. Not by playing football or pretending to be something you’re not. By being the man she makes you feel like you are. Strong and smart and kind and so damn lucky to have her.”

This was me after reading this book:

If you want to look like that, read this book! Until next week…enjoy!! 🙂

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All Played Out by Cora Carmack
May 12, 2015
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Rusk University Series

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Eye Candy Friday: Adam Hauptman from the Mercy Thompson Series

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Adam Hauptman is Mercy Thompson’s man in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. He’s the Alpha of the local werewolf pack and he’s a pretty one. He’s seriously Mister Hot Stuff and he’s my favorite right now.

“Mine,” he said.

Adam’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t think so. She is mine.”

It would have been flattering, I thought, except that at least one of them was talking about dinner and I wasn’t certain about the other.”


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Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
January 31, 2006
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Eye Candy Friday: Ben Lewis from Heart of Fire by Linda Howard

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This week’s Eye Candy Friday guy is the guy that I have spent the most time fighting my friend Holly over. Every single time that his book comes on to my radar, Ben Lewis comes to mind but more than that, the fights I used to get into with Holly over him (she has this need to claim all of our favorite heroes as hers and I don’t take well to that). Holly and I take our heroes very seriously and we would argue and bicker over so many but none more than Ben.

He’s completely worth all of the fighting words we threw at each other over the years. His book is a book that I had absolutely no interest in reading but I’m super thankful that I did read it because holy hot damn, Ben Lewis is my kind of guy. He’s funny. He’s flirty. He’s very crude and all of that goodness is packed in a strong and super sexy package that after all these years, I still love the hell out of.

Here is his book information:

Heart of Fire by Linda Howard

A fabulous lost Amazon city once inhabited by women warriors and containing a rare red diamond: it sounded like myth, but archeologist Jillian Sherwood believed it was real, and she was willing to put up with anything to find it — even Ben Lewis. Ruffian, knock-about, and number one river guide in Brazil, Ben was all man — over six feet of rock-hard muscles that rippled under his khakis, with lazy blue eyes that taunted her from his tanned face. Jillian watched him come to a fast boil when she refused to reveal their exact destination upriver in the uncharted rain forests — and resolved to stand her ground. Neither of them could foresee what the days ahead promised: an odyssey into the fiery heart of passion and betrayal, and a danger that would force them to cast their fates together, immersed in the eternal, unsolved mysteries of love….

Before reading this book, I had no interest in reading books set in the Amazon. Books that took place in the jungle or swamps of any kind just wasn’t something I was interested in reading but this book turned that around for me.

Heart of Fire is probably my favorite book by Linda Howard. She has written some fantastic romantic suspense books that I used to love but Heart of Fire is special to me because on top of Ben Lewis working his love magic on me, the heroine, Jillian is no slouch herself.

You can see Ben’s pervy but flirty personality shine through in the following scenes & quotes:

“It’s not something I can control, damn it. Every man I know wakes up with a hard-on.”

“Maybe so, but they do not – repeat, do not – rub it on me.”

“‘Every man I know’ wasn’t rubbing it on you! It was just me!”

“And it was just your hair that I pulled, wasn’t it?” she asked sweetly.”

“You have underwear.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Did you try it on?”

“Nah. Just rubbed it against my face.”

Haha, you guys…I seriously love this guy because he’s more than the silly, crude guy who has a comeback for every single comment. He’s a guide and he’s smart, he spends his days guiding and protecting people in the wilds of the Amazon so he’s also really strong. Ben was a delightful surprise in a book that packed a lovely romance that will win your heart.

Here is what Ben looks like in my head:

He’s a pretty perfect Ben Lewis and if you haven’t read his book, fix that pronto. Go forth and swoon over Ben with me. You won’t be sorry!

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Heart of Fire by Linda Howard
July 1, 1993
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Until next week…enjoy!

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