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The Wednesday Five: Strong Female Leads that I Love

Posted February 22, 2023 by Rowena in Features | 0 Comments

I’m a list person. I have a list for every single thing in my life from a to-do list, a list of books that I want to read, a running shopping list, and in the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing different k-entertainment lists that I’ve been keeping track of. You’ll be seeing my top 5 lists of stuff like my current celebrity crushes, my favorite k-drama female protagonists, my favorite k-drama male protagonists, my to-be-watched k-dramas, and you know, stuff like that.

This week’s Wednesday Five will feature Strong Female Leads that I Love. These aren’t just the strong female leads that have been through it and lived to tell the tale. These female leads are strong of mind, might, and strength who could kick your ass. I’d want each and every single one of these women on my team when going into battle. If you’ve watched these dramas and are familiar with these characters then it’s pretty self-explanatory so this is just going to be a straight up list. Enjoy!

1. Naksu from Alchemy of Souls

Where to Watch: Netflix
Played By: Go Youn Jung

2. Do Bong Soon from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Where to Watch: Viki
Played By: Park Bo Young

3. Yoon Sae Bom from Happiness

Where to Watch: Viki
Played By: Han Hyo Joo

4. Yoon Ji Woo from My Name

Where to Watch: Netflix
Played By: Han So Hee

5. Jang Man Wol from Hotel Del Luna

Where to Watch: Netflix
Played By: IU

Who are you choosing to fight along side you in battle? Share in the comments!

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