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Review: First Love

Posted March 16, 2023 by Rowena in Reviews | 0 Comments

First Love

Starring: Mitsushima Hikari, Satoh Takeru, Yagi Rikako, Kido Taisei, Kaho, Minami
Year Released: 2022
Number of Episodes: 9
Genre: Drama, Melodrama, Romance
Country: Japan
Director: Kanchiku
Where to Watch: Netflix

In the late 90’s, Yae and Harumichi met and fell in love. After graduating from high school, Yae went off to college in Tokyo, while Harumichi joined the Self-Defense forces as an aviation student, and like that they separated.

One day, Yae suffered a tragic accident, and 20 years passed without their lives intersecting again. Now, Yae works as a taxi driver and Harumichi has become an employee at a security company after serving in the Self-Defense forces, both in the same city. About 20 years after their unfulfilled first love, fate brings them together once again…

I’m too lazy to look for pictures so you get just my straight up thoughts on this one today. Therese and I watched this show last month and I had heard that it was such a great show and so I was pretty stoked to start it but we struggled with getting through it. As a whole, the show was good but each individual episode was kind of hard to get through and though we liked certain things about the show, it’s not a show that I’d say that I loved. The first few episodes set up the show and I thought they set up the show pretty well. We were curious about everyone and the way that they kept missing each other but literal seconds had us on the edge of our seat but the longer they went without connecting and then the longer they took to get their shit together and get together, the more frustrated we felt.

My favorite part of the show was seeing the two main leads as teenagers. I was much more invested in them when they were falling in love with each other and when they were in the midst of young love. When we see them again as adults, they’re completely different people and the male lead came off low key creepy to me. The way that he got close to the female leads son in the beginning and then the way that he did his girlfriend and the female lead left a sour taste in my mouth, especially considering I didn’t think it did anything to further the story.

This is my second Japanese drama, so I wasn’t familiar with any actors or actresses in this show and I can’t say that anyone outside of the teenagers in the cast caught my attention. I did think that the female lead was cute and super pretty but other than her, nobody stood out to me. That’s not going to stop me from watching more shows from Japan though.

Overall, this drama was good but it’s not a drama that I would watch again. It’s not a show that I can shout my love for from the rooftops but it wasn’t the worst drama ever. The story being told, one of first love is a good one and if the entire show was them when they were teenagers, I probably would have liked this one more. I liked some things but mostly, this one just didn’t hit for me as much as I thought it would. So…yeah, that’s what I thought.

Final Rating

3 out of 5

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The Monthly Recap: February 2023

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The Monthly Recap posts are a way for me to take a look back and reflect on my previous month in Korean dramas. I always lose track of what I want to watch and I need these posts to keep me honest with my damn self because I be forgetting shit.

February was a short month and I didn’t watch a whole lot of dramas. I think there was a week where I didn’t watch anything outside of Seventeen in the Soop. Now that the shows that I was excited to start have begun, I’m hopeful that my March drama watching will be pick up. So let’s start this recap, shall we?

Monthly Stats

Dramas Completed: 6 | Dramas Dropped: 2 | Dramas Still Watching: 5
Dramas Reviewed: 6 | Boyfriend of the Month:
Favorite Drama: Love to Hate You | Least Favorite Drama: Strangers Again

What I Completed

Seventeen in the Soop 1
Alice in Borderland
First Love
The Interests of Love
Seventeen in the Soop 2

Of all the shows that I watched in February, my favorite watches weren’t even dramas but both seasons of Seventeen in the Soop. They were shows for resting and healing from hectic schedules and seeing Seventeen enjoy themselves and relax was very healing for me as well. I enjoyed those shows so much that I searched out other kinds of shows that aren’t just dramas and am watching a traveling show with Lee Je Hoon and Ryu Jun Yeol.

What I Dropped

Strangers Again

These two shows are my first dropped shows of the year. I wasn’t in the mood for Trolley and am still unsure if I’ll go back to it but I didn’t want to finish Strangers Again and that bummed me out since I was really looking forward to that acting pair together. Oh well.

What I’m Still Watching

Our Blooming Youth
The Heavenly Idol
Taxi Driver 2
Jinny’s Kitchen

What I Reviewed

May I Help You?
Summer Strike
Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow
Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?
Unlock My Boss
Money Heist: Korea – Joing Economic Area, Pt. 2

Actors that Stood Out

Boo Seungkwan: I am super soft for Seungkwan from Seventeen. I adore his personality, I love how funny he is, and just everything about him. He was such a delightful part of watching Seventeen in the Soop. He made me laugh so much and with every passing episode, I loved him more and more.

Yoon Jeonghan: Jeonghan is a lot funnier than I thought he’d be. I thought that he would be a more serious and quiet but he’s not at all what I thought. That scene in Seventeen in the Soop when Mingyu is rowing him in the boat is hands down, my favorite part of the entire first season. I laughed so much and Jeonghan is me. I love him. He was a bright highlight for me in February.

Kim Ji Hoon: I enjoyed Kim Ji Hoon as Denver in Money Heist so seeing him play a completely different character in Love to Hate You was such a treat. His character was one of my favorite characters of the month. Love, love, love him.

How was your month, in all the things? Did you read or watch anything good (or bad)? Share in the comments, I’d love to catch up!

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My TBW Pile: February 2023

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I’m organizing my k-drama watching and keeping track of it all here on the blog. Each month, I’ll put a list together of the shows that I’m planning on watching and then track my progress through these monthly posts. Let’s see what this month’s plan looks like, shall we?

Previous Month Stats

Drama’s to Watch: 9 | Drama’s Watched: 6 | Drama’s Unwatched: 3
Drama’s Started: 9 | Dramas Completed: 11 | Drama’s Dropped: 0

February’s TBW PILE

Buddy Watch

First Love
When My Love Blooms

Therese and I finished the first drama that we chose to watch together this month and we’re gearing up to start our second one. I’m excited that Therese is starting to build up her own k-drama crush list and that she wants to watch more shows with certain actors. Her k-drama crushes are Lee Jae Wook and Park Jin Young and honestly, same. We are so best friends! She chose our second show to watch and of course it’s a show with Park Jin Young in it so on the February watch list it goes. :):):)

February Releases

Our Blooming Youth
The Heavenly Idol
Taxi Driver 2
Calling it Love

We got a new Park Hyung Shik show to watch so I’m over the moon about that one. I started it and so far, I’m curious about where it’s going to go. I can’t wait to continue. Of all the shows releasing this month, the one that I’m looking forward to the most is Taxi Driver 2. I know that it’s not a romance drama but man…I hope Do Gi and Go Eun get together. I’ve got my fingers (and eyes and toes) crossed for that though I am also looking forward to all the action that I’m sure the show will deliver. I’m definitely looking forward to the other two shows mentioned above. Kim Min Gue is too cute and so is Lee Sung Kyung so I’m glad to be seeing them on my small screen again.

Shows That Are Finishing Up

Island, Season 2
Interest of Love
Seventeen in the Soop 2

Of the three shows that are ending this month, my favorite has been Seventeen in the Soop though does it really count since it’s not a drama? Interest of Love was a hard show to watch because it’s not all rainbows and sunshine but it was compelling as hell and even though every character drove me crazy, I still rocked with all of them. Island was a solid drama though it’s not going to make any of my best of 2023 lists, well, maybe Priest Yohan will but who knows, haha.

What dramas are on your TBW pile for February? Anything good that I should keep my eye out for? Please share the dramas you have on deck to read next month.

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The Weekly Recap (190)

Posted February 6, 2023 by Rowena in Features | 2 Comments

This week was for BTS Yet to Come in Busan in the theaters. I went by myself but had an absolute blast on my own and then I came home and knocked the hell out, haha. My theater wasn’t as hyped as a lot of other theaters were but my introverted ass wasn’t that mad about it…especially since I sang every song at the top of my lungs and danced my ass off all on my own, not caring one bit who was looking or listening. ApoBangpo!!

After taking a couple of weeks off from watching asian dramas together, Therese and I are back at it again. We binge-watched First Love and it was the first Japanese show that we finished. It was okay, a little too slow-moving for me and by about, episode 6, I was ready to move on. We’re prepared for our next show though and I can’t wait to see more Park Jin Young again.

I didn’t do much this week. Worked some, talked through some stuff with the unemployment office, and lined up some more work for myself and I’m not as panicked as I have been lately so I’m glad that things are finally looking up on that end. I also caught up with one of my childhood besties who met my #0 best friend, Caiden and wanted to share his experience with me. I love when my friends meet each other. Ha. I laughed the night away while talking to this friend and it’s funny how my friends and I are way past the age where we lived on the phone but that doesn’t stop us from having one hour, two hour, sometimes even four or five hour long phone conversations. I love my friends!

Now, let’s get into all of the things that I did last week…

What I Watched

Seventeen in the Soop | 5 out of 5
Alice in Borderland, Season 2 | 3.5 out of 5
BTS Yet to Come in Busan | 5 out of 5
First Love | 3 out of 5

The Interest of Love: This show is down to the last two episodes and it’s still stressing me the hell out. The ending to the last episode had me shook. I’m not mad that she did what she did but I do feel bad for home dude because it has been so hard for him to love her. I hope that she gets the peace she needs and they figure out a way to be happy together before the show ends…so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Strangers Again: I really wanted to like this show but I don’t have the mental capacity to slog through all of this mess and to be honest, I’m not that invested in the characters after 6 episodes so I’m tossing in the towel. This was my first drop of the year.

Seventeen in the Soop 2: I started this show right after I finished watching the first season and so far, I’m loving it so much. Seeing these guys take the break they need to recover mentally warms my heart. In the last season, seeing Seungkwan made me laugh so much. His personality is just so likable and fun but to start off this season, Seungkwan made me cry. Man, my heart goes out to him and I sincerely hope that he gets the rest and relaxation he needs to keep going and I loved that Joshua was there for him. Gah, I really love these guys!

What I Reviewed

May I Help You? | 4 out of 5

What I Posted

The Weekly Recap (189)
Eye Candy Friday: Lee Ji Ho from Love in Contract

Eye Candy Friday

Jung Ji Ho

Love in Contract

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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