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Throwback Thursday (3)

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It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks so I haven’t been able to blog on here as much as I wanted or thought I would. I need to get Brenna her own computer so that she can use that for her homework.

Anyway, this week’s Throwback picture is a goody. It’s one that had me cracking up at how young we all look. It’s from my high school graduation.

Saxons Graduate 1998

From L-R: Manu, Me, Foti and Dee Dee

Manu was the most popular kid in this picture, followed by Foti. They were the athletes. Manu played football and Foti played soccer. Dee and I were on Pep Squad for a year together (short flags squad) before I quit to become a water girl for the football team. Yep, I was a freaking cheerleader. Don’t hate. Haha.

This picture was taken on June 19, 1998…17 years ago.

I was 17.

Brenna turns 17 in three months. It blows my mind that I have a daughter that is the same age that I was in this picture. I can’t believe how freaking old I am. Where did the time go?

Looking at this picture, takes me right back to high school. To all of the football games, the parties, the dances, the goofing around in the quad at lunchtime. CHICK FIL-A sandwiches at the red carts. The friends I had that I don’t keep in contact with anymore and the friends that I do keep in contact with. Brenna goes to North now and did you know that they don’t have outside food sold in the quad anymore? No more Chick Fil-A, no more Taco Bell, it’s all school lunches for them. Sucks to be them, for sure. What also sucks is they don’t eat bagels with cream cheese, hashbrowns and ham either. That was a staple back when I was at North. It was the freaking Saxon bagel. Kids these days, missing out on the good stuff.

You know what’s annoying about this week’s picture? How Foti looks exactly the same now as he did in this picture. I think hate him.

Anyway, that does it for this week’s Throwback Thursday. I’ll be back with another goody next week.

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