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Review: First to Kill

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First Kill (2017)

Starring: Hayden Christensen, Bruce Willis, Ty Shelton Director: Steven C. Miller Release Date: July 21, 2017 Rating: R Run Time: 1:37 Movie Type: Action, Thriller
In an attempt to reconnect with his son Danny, successful Wall Street broker Will takes his family on a vacation to the cabin where he grew up. While Will and Danny are hunting, their trip takes a deadly turn when they witness the murder of a crooked police officer as a bank robbery goes awry. When Danny is taken hostage by the criminals, Will is forced to help them evade the police chief investigating the murder and recover the stolen money in exchange for his son’s life.
I’m not sure why I chose to watch this movie because I didn’t have a lot of faith that I would enjoy the movie but I’m glad that I watched it because it was pretty damn good. This movie is about a man named Will who takes his family back to his hometown to kind of toughen up his son Danny because Danny is getting bullied at school. He wants Danny to be able to stand up for himself and taking him hunting at his old stomping grounds is just the way to do it. Will’s wife isn’t all that keen on this plan considering it’s the bullies that she thinks should change their attitude (I agree) and not Danny but Will thinks that there’s no harm in teaching Danny how to defend himself and to boost his confidence, they go out to shoot some wild animals. While out hunting, Will and Danny run into some problems with a shady cop doing shady business and before anyone knows what’s what, Danny is kidnapped and Will has to figure out a way to get him back…without going to the cops. This movie had the potential of being predictable but with a few plot twists, the movie wasn’t predictable for me at all. I enjoyed the suspense going throughout the movie and thought that Hayden Christensen and Bruce Willis played their parts well. I didn’t know what the hell I wanted Will to do but in the end, I was a happy camper so even with my reservations in the beginning, do I recommend this movie? Yep.

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4 out of 5

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