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Book Boyfriend of the Week: Sean Evans

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This week’s book boyfriend is one that I met a few months ago (after being late to the Innkeeper Chronicles party). He was such a memorable character that I wanted more of him in the next books and boy was I not prepared for the more that we got.

Sean Evans is a fierce super soldier werewolf that meets and protects Dina Demille, the innkeeper for Gertrude Hunt, his next door neighbor. When we first meet him in Clean Sweep, he was such a smart ass, care free but super protective werewolf that peed on Dina’s apple trees and pissed her the hell off. They come a long way from that first meeting and man was I here for all of their shenanigans.

Book Boyfriend of the Week: Sean EvansOne Fell Sweep
by Ilona Andrews
Published by Ilona Andrews on December 20th 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 340
Format: eBook
Source: Gifted
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Dina DeMille may run the nicest Bed and Breakfast in Red Deer, Texas, but she caters to a very particular kind of guest… the kind that no one on Earth is supposed to know about. Guests like a former intergalactic tyrant with an impressive bounty on her head, the Lord Marshal of a powerful vampire clan, and a displaced-and-superhot werewolf; so don’t stand too close, or you may be collateral damage.

But what passes for Dina’s normal life is about to be thrown into chaos. First, she must rescue her long-distant older sister, Maud, who’s been exiled with her family to a planet that functions as the most lawless penal colony since Botany Bay. Then she agrees to help a guest whose last chance at saving his civilization could bring death and disaster to all Dina holds dear. Now Gertrude Hunt is under siege by a clan of assassins. To keep her guests safe and to find her missing parents, Dina will risk everything, even if she has to pay the ultimate price. Though Sean may have something to say about that!!

Here are some of the reasons that I love Sean Evans. He was such a great love interest for Dina and seeing them both in action was so much fun.

When Dina tells that she can’t decommit from being an innkeeper and that if that isn’t what he wants, she can’t be with him…his response completely melted me.

“But would I get you, if I were an innkeeper?”

Gah. I love him.

Then when he tells his Mom about his girlfriend? So stinkin’ cute!

“Mom”, Sean said gently. “You’re not making a good first impression.”

“Sean William, let go of me this instant!”

“I can’t do that.”

She strained against him. The muscles on Sean’s arms stood out.

“That girl over there,” Sean said quietly. “That’s my girl. If she’s forced to bury you in the floor to hold you still, it will be awkward.”

And then….this. Just all of this. *swoon*

“About that sonnet,” he said.

“Yes?” It felt like my whole life depended on what he would say next.

“I love you.”

That was all I wanted to hear. I didn’t even know until now how much I wanted him to say these words to me. He’d said it before, when I was under, but it was different then. Now it was everything.

“I’ll never leave you,” Sean said. “If you want to stay an innkeeper, I will be one with you. If you want to do something else, I will do that with you. Whatever comes next, I’ll be there, because I want you more than anything I’ve ever wanted. That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.”

For most of this book, I looked like this because I just could not get enough of Mr. Sean Evans. The devotion he had for Dina is the stuff girls dream about and the lengths he went to protect Dina at every turn was just out of this world great. I absolutely love him.

In Clean Sweep, there’s an illustration of Sean and he looks a lot like Robbie Amell from The Flash and The DUFF. So here’s what Sean looks like in my head…

*happy sigh* He’s such a good looking guy and I really think he’s perfectly cast as Sean. Sean freaking rocks.

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December 20, 2016
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Until next week…enjoy!

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