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Book Boyfriend of the Week: Jackson Kane from Wrong to Need You

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This week’s book boyfriend is a book boyfriend that I met a couple of months ago and to this day, I’m still thinking about him. Jackson Kane is the hero in Wrong to Need You by Alisha Rai. He’s been in love with the heroine in his book since he was a young kid and his shyness as a kid keeps him from claiming the one woman that he’s ever loved. When he loses his girl to his brother, he steps away and when he gets in trouble with the law, he steps even further away and he stays away for years.

Wrong to Need You by Alisha Rai
Series: Forbidden Hearts #2
Also in This Series: Hate to Want You
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Harper Collins, Avon

He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with his brother’s widow…

Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Jackson Kane fled his home, his name, and his family. Ten years later, he’s come back to town: older, wiser, richer, tougher—and still helpless to turn away the one woman he could never stop loving, even after she married his brother.

Sadia Ahmed can’t deal with the feelings her mysterious former brother-in-law stirs, but she also can’t turn down his offer of help with the cafe she’s inherited. While he heats up her kitchen, she slowly discovers that the boy she adored has grown into a man she’s simply unable to resist.

An affair is unthinkable, but their desire is undeniable. As secrets and lies are stripped away, Sadia and Jackson must decide if they’re strong enough to face the past…and step into a future together.

When Jackson returns home, everything is different and yet some things are still the same. His love for Sadia Ahmed, his childhood best friend is still alive and kicking but because of the complications of his past and her relationship with his now deceased brother, Jackson didn’t think he’d ever know happiness with her. So he leads a solitary life and he’s built a life for himself that he’s content with…until he returns home and starts to feel alive for the first time in such a long time.

My dream is for you to let me love you. And maybe, someday, you can love me back. You don’t have to love me a lot. A little love is enough.”

“You want a relationship.”

“I don’t care what you call it. I want to fall asleep with you. I want to have a family. I want to travel with you all over the world and then come back to our home. I used to walk away from the hard stuff, but I figured, maybe this one time, I could try fighting for it. And I would fight.

I thought that Alisha Rai did such a great job of writing a story based around complications that are all too real. Being best friend’s with your brother’s wife, wanting to love her after he’s long gone, that’s all explored in Jackson and Sadia’s story and it’s an engaging story. Rai did a great job of weaving their story, exploring the bumps in the road for two people to come together that have such a complicated history.

Jackson completely won me over with his dark personality, his quiet determination to succeed and help Sadia, despite her not wanting his help. I loved seeing him come out of his shell with each passing page and when he finally starts to fight for his love?? *swoon*

Here is the guy that I pictured as Jackson as I was reading his book.

This was such a great book and Jackson was a fine book boyfriend. If you haven’t read this book, or even this series, you should fix that because Alisha Rai excels at writing complicated aka forbidden romances and you won’t be able to help yourself from falling in love with every damn body in her books. She’s that good!

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Wrong to Need You by Alisha Rai
November 27, 2017
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Have you read Jackson’s book, Wrong to Need You? If so, did you love it as much as I did? Did you love Jackson as much as I did? If not, do you plan on reading it? Because you totally should.

Until next week…enjoy!

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