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Kaleo is a Savage

Posted September 8, 2016 by Rowena in Miscellaneous | 4 Comments

MegHan My niece Meghan tore one ACL during her sophomore year and the other ACL during her senior year in high school, playing basketball. She has flat feet and has struggled with her feet for most of her life. That didn’t stop her from playing basketball. Meghan is passionate about basketball the same way that I am passionate about books. She missed a lot of family time because she was in the gym or at some camp, playing. When high school started, she was ready. She prepared to make Varsity and start her freshman year and was able to check both of those off her bucket list. She’s a damn good player. She’s a stand out player that all the coaches she’s played against have prepared for because she had nights like this more than once. Two ACL breaks didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream of playing college basketball. After she got hurt the second time, a lot of the colleges that were interested in her disappeared but instead of letting that get her down, she went the community college route and got Co Player of the Year for her conference as a freshman. She’s doing really well and is preparing for her sophomore year of college. My nephew Kaleo is no stranger to injuries. He was born with clubbed feet and lived with his own fair share of feet problems. He made national headlines when (at age 13) he decided to amputate both of his feet for a chance at a pain free life. He’s almost 16 now and he’s got his driver’s license and he’s still the same, fun loving, loud mouth crazy kid. I don’t think there’s anyone funnier than Kaleo in our family because he stays cracking jokes. When he’s in town for the summer, you will hear every single adult yell, “SHUT UP KALEO!” more than once because not only does he crack jokes all the time, he also talks really loud. He’s our family jokester. I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when I came across this: Kaleo LOL! Zero damns given. That’s our Kaleo…responding to Meghan’s post from 3 years ago and being a complete savage too. P.S. Kaleo’s comment is supposed to say, “AYE YOU NEXT WITH YOUR BROKE ACLS” LMAO!

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