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The Weekly Playlist (3)

Posted February 18, 2021 by Rowena in Features | 4 Comments

One of my favorite things to do when I was back home in L.A. was to take drives with my friend B Nice so that we can listen to our newly discovered favorite songs by BTS. We both discovered BTS over the pandemic and have been crazy for all things BTS. When I moved to Vegas, those drives stopped but I decided that I’m going to use my blog to share what songs I’m listening to each week with both B Nice and everyone else who reads this blog.

This was my top song of 2020 and two months into 2021 and I’m STILL loving this song. I think I’m close to declaring this song my top favorite BTS song. My first favorite song by BTS was Just One Day and though that’s still in my top 3, my favorite song right now remains Magic Shop. The message this song brings for Army all over the world, the way that the boys sing it with so much emotion, I absolutely love all of it.

My absolute favorite line from the song is when V sings this at the end…

“Would you believe if I told you that I, too, was afraid of everything – all the true hearts and all the remaining time.”

And then when Jimin finishes it off?

“All your answers are in this place where you found, in your galaxy, in your mind”

This song is a message to Army that we’re not alone. Every time we want to disappear, every time we feel low, BTS invites us to create a space in our hearts for them to help us through all of our sad times. We just need to open our own little magic shops in our hearts and BTS will be there with their music, with their RUN episodes to make us smile, make us laugh, to give us a little hope that we’ll make it through. We’re never alone because they got us, just like we got them.

This is another song that I absolutely love. It’s a really sad song though and I know that a lot of fans were scared that when they released it, the song felt like a farewell from the boys. They’ve come a long way in their career and they’ve had to fight obstacle after obstacle in their quest to the top so I would have been scared about the message this song brings too. No matter how sad, it’s still a really beautiful song and their performance of it is just as spectacular.

Oh man, the first time that I read the lyrics to this song, I cried. BTS really finds you when you need them most and I was going through a really hard time with personal stuff when I first heard this song. It was the exact thing that I needed to hear to pick myself up. No matter how bad our days get, midnight will always come and the whole world will hold their breath for a brief moment, and then a new day will begin. A new beginning. Yesterday’s worries are gone and today is a new chance to have a better day. To be happy. To turn this all around. You always have another shot to turn your bad days around. Zero o’clock.

What songs are you on your playlist this week? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be BTS. Share in the comments!

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