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Monthly Recap: October 2016

Posted November 1, 2016 by Rowena in Features | 6 Comments

I can’t believe it’s already November 1st. Where did the freaking time go? I remember starting a fresh spreadsheet for 2016 and I’ve already filled it up with everything I’ve read, watched and did this year. Holy cow, it’s almost 2017.

What I Did

October was the month of funerals. There were so many and my family made appearances at all of them. There was my friend’s grandson Joseph (he was a premie that didn’t make it :(), my Great Aunt and then a woman I knew since I was a baby, having gone to Church with her family for many years. Brenna got her senior portraits and those came out really well. I’m super stoked to get some that I can share without getting sued so stay tuned for those. The highlight of October was probably Brenna’s Homecoming Dance. She was asked by her friend Maxwell right after practice so she was surprised, but happily so and then Homecoming night was a lot of fun as she was able to spend some quality time with her girls, all glammed up and she told me that they danced the night away then finished off the night with Chick-Fil-A and non-stop laughs with all of her friends. I’m really glad that I don’t have to worry about underage drinking with Brenna and her friends.

What I Watched

Pitch: I started this show on the recommendation from Ames and I’m not at all sorry that I tried this one out. I’m already shipping Lawson and Baker hard and I’ve grown quite fond of everyone in the cast. It’s a lot of fun seeing the ins and outs of the MLB and seeing the main character Ginny try to figure things out is great…and holy cow, that last episode?? Ginny’s reaction to the news of her agent and Lawson dating? Gah. My heart can’t take it!! This is Us: I’m still going strong with this show. It’s good stuff and I am really loving all of the little cliffhangers with each episode. Every single episode has dropped some bombs that have me so anxious for the next one. Gah, this is such a good show. All of the Hallmark Movies: The month of October was for Hallmark movies for me. I spent quite a bit of the month watching a different Hallmark movie and enjoying the cheesiness of them all. My favorite of the bunch that I watched was with Jackson from The Originals and Italia Ricci-Amell. That was a fun one! The Usuals: I’ve also stayed on top of my usual TV shows since they’re all back. Chicago PD, Med and Fire, The Vampire Diaries (are we seriously getting a June wedding???? YAY!), and Jane the Virgin. So far, so good on all my shows so I’ll be continuing watching them.

What I Listened To

So I got really into my Happy Planner stuff this month so I spent a huge chunk of my work day listening and watching a bunch of Planner Videos. Some of my favorites are: danielle-lepooke
Danielle (LePooke) pretty-neat-livingPretty Neat Living belinda-seleneBelinda Selene
These YouTubers did a great job of inspiring me to work on my own planner and I’ve gotten a lot of tips and ideas from these videos. My planner has never looked prettier. LOL.

What I Read

The Viscount and the Vixen (Hellions of Havisham #4) by Lorraine Heath | 4 out of 5 Results May Vary by Bethany Chase | 4 out of 5 The Goal (Off-Campus #4) by Elle Kennedy | 4 out of 5 P.S. I Like You by Kasie West | 4 out of 5 The Hating Game by Sally Thorne | 4 out of 5 Addicted (Outlaws #2) by Elle Kennedy | 3.5 out of 5 Keepsake (True North #3) by Sarina Bowen | 4.5 out of 5 Shadow Rider (Shadows #1) by Christine Feehan | 2.5 out of 5 Twisted Palace (Royals #3) by Erin Watt | 2.5 out of 5 Someone Like You (Oxford #3) by Lauren Layne | 5 out of 5 Ruled (Outlaws #3) by Elle Kennedy | 3 out of 5 One Snowy Night (Heartbreaker Bay #2.5) by Jill Shalvis | 4 out of 5
My favorite read of the month goes to Someone Like You by Lauren Layne. Is anyone surprised that Lauren Layne won my favorite read of the month award? Cause I’m not. She writing a lot of my favorite books this year. I’m in love with pretty much all of her stuff and Lincoln’s book was everything that I hoped it would be. Probably more. I just loved it to pieces! My least favorite book was tied between Twisted Palace by Erin Watt and Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan. The craziness that I loved about the Royals was missing in Twisted Palace and I just could not even deal with everything going on. I spent most of that book pissed off and the same thing happened with Shadow Rider. The controlling nature of the hero pissed me off way too often in that book so my enjoyment suffered because of it.

What I Reviewed

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins Three Amazing Things about You by Jill Mansell Bedmates by Nichole Chase Four Letter Word by J. Daniels P.S. I Like You by Kasie West & The Hating Game by Sally Thorne The Boy is Back by Meg Cabot To Love and to Cherish by Lauren Layne Addicted by Elle Kennedy & Results May Vary by Bethany Chase The Billionaire Next Door by Jessica Lemmon Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan & Undecided by Julianna Keyes
I got a lot more reviewed this month than previous months and that’s got a lot to do with me deciding to review books here on this blog as well. I need to stay on top of my reviews so reviewing on both blogs works for me.

What I Got

There is a lot of stuff in this month’s haul that I’m super excited to get to. The review books, books that I purchased because of reviews I read on different blogs, books that were gifted to me from my blog bestie Ames, just so much goodness. I’m super happy with everything that I got.

What I Loved

My Kindle Paperwhite
I bought a Kindle Paperwhite this month and I have been getting acquainted with it. I really like it. I like that it’s light and easy on my wrists but I also like that I can read out in the sunlight without glare issues. I love that it’s an e-reader because I get easily distracted from reading on my iPad with notifications from Facebook, Instagram, etc…so having this lets me focus on reading and reading alone. I also like that I didn’t get a cover for it but a bag. A really great looking bag that fits my Kindle Paperwhite so nicely. Thanks to my niece Chelsea on the hook up on that.
That does it for this month’s recap. How was your October? Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

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Monthly Recap: September 2016

Posted October 6, 2016 by Rowena in Features | 2 Comments

September was a busy month for me at work but also on the home front. Brenna came home from Colorado, started her senior year and has played in some basketball tournaments that were a lot of fun. On the very last day of the months, she flew to Utah for yet another trip. I’m so jealous with how much she travels. She’s seen and has done a lot more than I did when I was her age but I’m super grateful that she’s been able to make some memories, make new connections at Church but also grow as a person.
What I Did
1. The 99’s played in the USJN tournament in Garden Grove last month. There were a lot of colleges but we played in a junk division so not a lot of colleges were looking at us (insert eye roll emoji here). It was a long weekend since everyone was in Colorado for Seth’s farewell so I had double team Mom duty for both Mustangs (my daughters team) and Seahawks (my niece’s team). Mustangs went 4-0 while Seahawks went 2-2 (they played better teams than we did), all in all it was a great weekend of basketball. 2. My sister Delene and I tried Pinterest recipes. Delene and I share or save a lot of Pinterest recipes but we’ve never really tried any of them until last month. Delene made the BBQ chicken sliders and I made the Shrimp Stack and both came out super good.
What I Watched
1. The Last Ship: I caught up to where this show was currently at in the current season last month and holy cow, this show just keeps getting better and better. I’m still not quite over what happened at the end of S2 but S3 was still off the chains. I’m super excited about what’s going to happen next…especially since the writers have so many directions to go in. 2. Hawaii 5-0: I binge watched this show, trying to catch up to the season they’re on now. I still have a few more episodes before I’m all caught up but I’m loving the heck out of this show. Catherine…NOOO!!! You did my boy McGarrett dirty but I still love you! 3. This is Us: This is probably my favorite new series of the season. That first episode hooked me because I thought it was clever and smart. I’m really getting into the character’s lives and after the ending to the second episode, I need more. My heart hurts and I need the writers to fix it. Still, so good. 4. Chicago PD & Med: I’m super thrilled to have recruited Brenna to watching these two shows. She caught an episode or two with me in the last few weeks and she’s caught the One Chicago bug. These two shows are great and I’m so excited to see how Antonio’s characters transitions over to the new show, Chicago Justice. There are lots of things to look forward to this season and I’m so here for it. All of it. In Chicago Med, so I take it Nanny Carrie (she will always be Nanny Carrie from OTH to me) doesn’t like Dr. Halstead? I want to see how that turns out. I’m also really interested in Dr. Choi’s life. He needs a love interest and I want it to be Reese. 🙂
What I Listened To
1. Lock it Up by Marc E. Bassy: My nephew Caleb knows every single word to this song and he loves to sing it at the top of his lungs so because of this, I absolutely love this song. It’s a really good one and got a lot of playing time in September. 2. You Should Be Here by Kehlani: This is an older song that I never paid attention to until my daughter Brenna went hard on this song during karaoke. She sang it loud and proud, complete with all of the oohhs and ahhs and just..everything. I laughed my way through this song while she sang it and then laughed all over again when she sang it again because I messed her up with all of my laughing. She doesn’t even care, she belted out this song like she was on stage in front of millions. That’s my girl. 3. Juju on that Beat by I don’t know who: This is another song that reminds me of Brenna. She spent many a days during September, blasting this song and doing the dance that goes with the song. This song got a lot of playing time because Bren likes to Juju on that beat.
What I Read
1. Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds #1) by J. Daniels | 1 out of 5 2. Three Amazing Things about You by Jill Mansell | 3.5 out of 5 3. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins | 3.5 out of 5 4. The Boy is Back (Boys #4) by Meg Cabot | 4 out of 5 5. To Love and To Cherish (Wedding Belles #3) by Lauren Layne | 4.5 out of 5 6. The Billionaire Next Door (Billionaire Bad Boys #2) by Jessica Lemmon | 4 out of 5 7. The Viscount and the Vixen (Hellions of Havisham #4) by Lorraine Heath | 4 out of 5
My favorite read of the month is To Love and To Cherish (Wedding Belles ##) by Lauren Layne. Alexis and Logan were everything and I was just so much more excited about their story than any of the others that I read. Honorable mentions go out to The Billionaire Next Door by Jessica Lemmon, The Boy is Back by Meg Cabot and The Viscount and the Vixen by Lorraine Heath. My least favorite book of the month goes to Four Letter Word by J. Daniels. The hero and heroine were much too immature for me and I wanted to throttle the both of them while reading their book.
What I Reviewed
The Trouble with Mistletoe (Heartbreaker Bay #2) by Jill Shalvis Just One Week by Alice Gaines Who’s That Girl by Mhaira McFarLane A Scot in the Dark by Sarah MacLean Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh Back to You by Jessica Scott Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLean For Better or Worse by Lauren Layne
What I Got
I’m excited about all of the books that I got last month. I have loads of books to read for review but also some books that I bought that I’m really looking forward to reading. Bring on the good ones in October.
What I Loved
This kid.
This is my nephew, Baby Rocky. He is the cutest thing in the world. Brenna and I spent some time in September with this sweet baby boy because he does not like Brenna. She tried holding him at one of Chase’s football games and he scream cried for ten minutes straight. Brenna was determined that he change his tune where she was concerned so we went over to his house every few days so that he wouldn’t forget her and this picture is proof that she met her goal. Baby Rock does not cry when Brenna walks in the door anymore. He likes Brenna and Brenna loves him right back. There you have it, the month of September in my life. How did your month look like?

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Monthly Recap: August 2016

Posted September 1, 2016 by Rowena in Features | 10 Comments

Summer is just about done for my kid and in a week, she’ll be home from Colorado for good and she’ll start her senior year in high school. Gah. She has senior pictures on the first day of school so we’re going to be super busy that day and I’m not ready for Brenna to be a senior in high school. On the upside, our family finally has a football player to support so I’ll be watching some high school football thanks to my nephew Chase. Go Saxons!
1. My sister turned 50: Blanche turned 50 this year and she looks fabulous! We had a great big surprise party for her at Mom’s favorite restaurant and even though she was salty that nobody wanted to go to Disneyland with her that day (the only thing she wanted to do) she got over it when she saw everyone that showed up for her party…even her daughters who live in Utah and the other one who was supposed to be in Colorado. It was a great time. 2. Saying Goodbye to Old Friends: My childhood ward dissolved last month and so I spent most of the month hanging out with my childhood friends and reminiscing about the good ol’ days when we would ditch Sunday School to walk to 7-11 or 3. Brenna’s Co-Ed Tournament: Our last year playing in this co-ed tournament and we were the winners of the Losers Bracket. I blame Jonathan for taking 50 shots a game and only making 3…the entire tournament. Ha. Still, it was a lot of fun to watch the kids play for fun and not be under so much pressure to perform on their club and high school teams. There was a lot of laughs and a whole lot of yelling at Jonathan to stop shooting the ball.
1. The Last Ship. It is all Grace’s fault that I did absolutely nothing else with my free weekends but watch every single episode of this show because hot damn, this show is good. Season 3 is underway and I’m blown away with how fresh and explosive each episode is…still. Grace knows me so well because she knew that I would start the show for this guy: Dgreen3 ..and I did. But now I watch and love the show for everyone else too. I have a total girl crush on his wife on the show, Kara Foster. She’s a boss! She’s also freaking gorgeous! Kara If Holly tells you that I changed the part in my hair to match Kara’s hairstyle in the picture, don’t believe her…much. LOL, who am I kidding?? I totally changed my hairstyle to look like Kara’s cause I’m a freaking weirdo like that. So as you can tell, I freaking love this show and am so stinkin’ sad that I’m all caught up so now I have to watch the show one episode at a time and this waiting business is for the birds. Gah. 2. Bourne. I watched a few movies this month (that’s what happens when your daughter is gone for the summer and you’re a free woman! Yay!) and Jason Bourne was one of them. I almost didn’t make it past about 30 minutes into the movie cause they did my girl Nikki wrong but I was glad that I stuck around because while it wasn’t my favorite Bourne movie, I still liked it. 3. Bad Moms. I didn’t need to watch this movie to know that I was probably a bad Mom. According to my snobby co-worker, bad Moms let their kids eat Lunchables. Brenna loves Lunchables. So being a bad Mom wasn’t anything new to me but after watching this movie, I embraced being a bad Mom because hell, I’m not perfect but my kid is still pretty freaking awesome. She’s well-mannered, she tries hard and she’s respectful of others. Win! This movie was funny. It was all kinds of cheesy too but I didn’t even care, I laughed and laughed and laughed. The kind of movie that you watch every time they show it on TV.
I started writing again, a second chance contemporary romance so while I’m writing, I’m listening to the playlist that inspired the characters and story. Here are some of the songs on that playlist. 1. Dance for You by Beyonce. This song inspired a scene in my story where the heroine gets a little revenge while paying up on a bet she lost to the hero. If you watched the video for this song, Beyonce dances for her man and in my story, so does Sophie. Jack wasn’t ready for Sophie’s dance. Not at all. Ha! 2. Closer by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey. This is the ultimate second chance romance song, at least for me. The first verse is basically my hero Jack and the second verse is my heroine Sophie. They come together after some time apart and pretty much live out this song. Ha! 3. Blank Space/Style (Taylor Swift Mashup) covered by Louisa Wendorff. This is another song that is all Jack and Sophie. “We go crashing down, we come back every time, we never go out of style…” Everyone knew that these two were meant to be together and that they would stop fighting so hard to not be together eventually because these two were never going out of style and Sophie had a blank space on her list for Jack. Ha!
1. Wild Embrace (Psy/Changelings #15.5) by Nalini Singh | 4 out of 5 2. No Mistress of Mine (An American Heiress in London #4) by Laura Lee Guhrke | 4 out of 5 3. The Rogue Not Taken (Scandal & Scoundrels #1) by Sarah MacLean | 4.75 out of 5 4. A Scot in the Dark (Scandal & Scoundrels #2) by Sarah MacLean | 1 out of 5 5. Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers #1) by Sarina Bowen | 4 out of 5 6. Who’s That Girl? by Mhairi McFarLane | 3 out of 5 7. The Year We Fell Down (Ivy Years #1) by Sarina Bowen (re-read) | 4.25 out of 5 8. The Trouble with Mistletoe (Heartbreaker Bay #2) by Jill Shalvis | 3.5 out of 5 9. Just One Week by Alice Gaines | 1 out of 5 10. Do You Want to Start a Scandal? (Spindle Cove #5) by Tessa Dare | 4.25 out of 5 11. Bedmates (American Royalty #1) by Nichole Chase | 3.5 out of 5
Last month, five of my reviews went live on my book blog Book Binge and if you click on the book covers above, you’ll go right to my review for each of those books.
This is the trendy little spot that my bestie and I had our The Hills lunch at. We ordered spring rolls, egg rolls, shrimp pad thai, a taro smoothie and a chamoy mango smoothie. It sounds like a lot but actually, it was a lot of food but we ate it all and I really liked everything that I had. I’m not a boba girl so I didn’t get any of that boba stuff that Brenna loves so much but everything was great. I will definitely eat here again. There you have it, everything that I did, watched and read in the month of August. How was your month? Watch anything good? Read anything fabulous? Tell me in the comments!

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Monthly Recap: July 2016

Posted August 2, 2016 by Rowena in Features | 2 Comments

I can’t believe July has already come and gone. It zipped right on by and I’m struggling with trying to keep up with everything. Between family stuff, basketball stuff and work stuff, I’m all filled up with stuff to do. I also have loads of blog stuff and review book stuff to do too. Oy. July brings about two very special birthday shout outs:
Happy Heavenly Birthday to my brother Seko and to one of my besties Holly. Both are some of my favorite people and I thought about them during their special days.
1. Mel’s surgery: This month, my brother Mel had heart surgery that kind of freaked everyone out, including Mel. All is well now but it was a pretty rough week when a scheduled treadmill test turns into a rush trip to the ER and a quadruple bypass surgery scheduled. We spent a lot of time at the hospital as a family and praying that all will work out for Mel. He’s out of the hospital now and is recuperating at home. He’s doing well but he’s not 100% yet. I’m not posting a picture of Mel because he told us that we better not post any pictures of him on Facebook, any social media or whatever so you guys get a picture of my sister Ingrid and my niece (Mel’s daughter) Jenna from our shenanigans at the hospital. 2. Mustangs play Ballroom Basketball in Vegas: July and August every year is for Vegas for our family. We have the club tournament that our girls play in July that is played at the Westin at Lake Las Vegas where the entire tournament takes place in the ballroom over there. Very fancy but super fun. It’s always a good time going to Vegas and this time wasn’t any different. My sister Blanche and her daughter Cheridan along with me and Brenna stayed with my sister Ingrid and we watched some good basketball in the fancy ballroom and ate some really good eats. All in all, it was a short but very fun trip.
I’m more of a TV Show watcher but since most all of my shows are on hiatus right now, I’ve been watching a lot of movies outside of reading my little heart out. Here’s what I watched in July.
1. Me Before You: This movie. Ugh. After I read the book, I had no interest in watching the movie but then they freaking cast Khaleesi as Lou and Finnick as Will Trainor and I couldn’t help myself. As much as the book gutted me (and pissed me off because hello? Romance reader here), I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I ugly cried too. A lot. Not one single damn was given though. I watched it three times in July. 2. Suits: My show Suits is back and my love for all things Harvey and Donna has returned. Lots and lots of drama with Mike in jail for all of his crimes, Harvey and the gang trying to save Mike and themselves with all of the drama that came after Mike went to jail. This season hasn’t been my favorite but I’m still really intrigued by how Harvey and the gang are going to save themselves. I still love this show though. 3. Undrafted: This movie cracked me up from the beginning to the end. Every single person in this movie is hilarious. Chace Crawford, Tyler Hoechlin, Manny Montana, Aaron Tveit were all in this movie and it entertained the socks off of both me and my daughter Brenna. She loved this movie and loved Chace Crawford’s character the most…especially when he sings “Bands a make her dance” while throwing money. Funny stuff, this movie.
1. O Oe Mo A’u by Sammielz: I first heard this song when watching Chloe and Markus’ wedding video and I really liked the song. The lyrics, really…it’s a Samoan love song and it’s got a pretty melody that sucked me right in. It also inspired the story that I’m working on so hopefully I’ll get that sucker written. Fingers crossed. 2. Countdown by Beyonce: A couple of weeks ago, I attended the talent show for my brother in law’s family reunion because our kids were dancing in it and I was really impressed with how well my nieces Cheridan, Chach and Chelsea danced to their medley of Beyonce songs. This song stood out and it’s been on repeat while at work. I liked it even more when my white guy friend at work sang the song word for word, shoulder poppin’ included. Haha. 3. You and Me by Marc E. Bassey: Yeah, I’m still listening to this song. I’m still loving this song. Probably my favorite song of the summer right now…and yes, I’m listening to it while I’m writing up this post. Ha!
1. Defending Taylor (Hundred Oaks #7) by Miranda Kenneally | 4 out of 5 2. Hell Breaks Loose (Devils Rock #2) by Sophie Jordan | 3 out of 5 3. To Have and to Hold (Wedding Belles #1) by Lauren Layne | 4.25 out of 5 4. Just Kiss Me by Rachel Gibson | 3.75 out of 5 5. Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss #4) by Nalini Singh | 4 out of 5 6. You Before Anyone Else by Julie Cross & Mark Perini | 4 out of 5 7. Back to You (Coming Home #2) by Jessica Scott | 8. Ruthless (Lawless #1) by Lexi Blake | 4 out of 5 9. For Better or Worse (Wedding Belles #2) by Lauren Layne | 4.5 out of 5 10. Torch (Wildwood #3) by Karen Erickson | 3.75 out of 5
I only read 10 books last month and that needs to change because I’m really behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge. I need to keep reminding myself to get my shit together but whatever, my favorite read of the month goes to For Better or Worse by Lauren Layne. I freaking loved both Heather and Josh. They rocked my socks and even when I wanted to smack some sense into Josh, I loved him. That was such a great book and I’m even more thirsty for Alexis and Logan’s book. My least favorite read of the month is probably Hell Breaks Loose by Sophie Jordan. There were a bunch of stuff that made me roll my eyes down the street but I did enjoy that book. Reid was a great hero and the way that everything wrapped up made sense so I wasn’t mad about reading that book. Still, of all the books I read in July…this was my least favorite.
Just Kiss Me by Rachel Gibson To Have and To Hold (Wedding Belles #1) by Lauren Layne Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss #4) by Nalini Singh Broken Prince (The Royals #2) by Erin Watt Stay Until We Break (Hub City #2) by Mercy Brown Smolder (Wildewood #2) by Karen Erickson Defending Taylor (Hundred Oaks #7) by Miranda Kenneally Steadfast (True North #2) by Sarina Bowen
Look at me go. Yay me!
Here are the new to my bookshelves book that I got in July. Some books I bought, some books were gifted to me but most are books that I got for review. Lots of goodies in there, too.
I’m super excited about all of the books that I got this month. Some of the books that I got, I couldn’t even wait to get started so I didn’t. I immediately jumped into them even if I was reading something else at the time. I can’t wait to get all of these books read..so I better not fall into a reading slump.
IMG_1800[1] For Mother’s Day, I got a Happy Planner and I have freaking loved the hell out of this thing. I use it all the time. I plan things out, I jot blog post ideas out in it, I keep track of the things that need to be tracked and set reminders of things that I actually remember and seriously, this planner is everything. I will never not have a Happy planner for all of the years to come. Love! There you have it…a quick recap of the month that was July 2016 in my life. How did your month go?

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Monthly Recap: June 2016

Posted July 12, 2016 by Rowena in Features | 2 Comments

I’m so glad that June is done. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun and activity filled but I’m not at all mad that June is behind me now. I’m finally taking things easy after being on the run and so crazy busy that I haven’t really had a proper catch up with my friends. But still, it was a damn good month. I missed this one on the blog but I wanted to give a very special birthday shout out to my headache but one of my favorite headaches, Ken Pen! 1277949_10205791789327250_4368036254455316315_o There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for this girl and she knows it. [eye roll emoji]
1. Chance came home from Nicaragua: Chance served a two year mission for our Church and returned home with honor on June 2nd, 2016. We celebrated his return with lots of food, family and he wrapped things up nicely with a strong talk about his experiences in Nicaragua and his plans for after his mission at his homecoming on June 19th. I love this kid! 2. Chloe married Markus: Our princess got married! The amount of work that went into setting up for the wedding, making sure things ran smoothly during the wedding and then the clean up after the wedding was a lot. Its a testament of our love for Chloe that everything she could have dreamed of for her wedding was brought to life. This day is probably the reason I was so glad to see the end of the month of June but holy cow it was all worth it. Chloe’s wedding day was special for our family and Markus’ speech and his promise to take care of our princess made everything just that much more worth it. Love these two!
3. Jenna graduated from Torrance High and Chase got promoted to North High: Our Wilson family graduation and promotions were for Jenna and Chase this year. Jenna’s graduation party was at the reservoir and Chase’s was at China Buffet. Both were great fun and though we didn’t get to stay at Jenna’s party, it was still great. I’m glad to see that she’ll be attending El Camino while she tries to figure out her next step and Chase started football practice for North already. We finally have someone to watch play football.
1. Game of Thrones: The last two episodes of this past season completely wrecked me (in a totally good way). I have been on a Game of Thrones high now for over a week. I cannot stinkin’ wait for next season. I’m so sad that we have such a long wait though. Thank goodness Suits starts up again this week. 2. Jane, the Virgin: We got all of the girls watching this show so of course I’m watching it with them. So far, most of us are Team Rafael but those Mataalii girls are firmly in Team Michael’s camp. Pukey. Meghan, Makenna and Brenna all have great tastes with their love of all things Rafael.
1. You and Me by Marc E. Bassy: I first heard this song when we were leaving Chase’s promotion to go to the buffet. I was in Pete’s car, Seth was in the front seat playing with Pete’s virtual reality glasses things and I was sitting in the back with Brooke and Caleb who were singing along to this song at the top of their lungs. It became an instant favorite because 1) this song is fantastic and 2) Caleb really sold me with his vocals. I loved it. 2. One Dance & Controlla sung by Alex Aiono: I listened to a lot of Alex Aiono covers in June. I really like the way that he covered both One Dance (the mashup with the Spanish song) and then the Controlla by Drake cover. Both of those songs got a lot of play while I was at work, much to the chagrin of my co-workers I’m sure. But this was me:
#sorrynotsorry 3. Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake: Team Wilson Gang performed to this song for Chloe’s wedding so for an entire week, this is all I listened to. It’s been stuck in my head ever since but dude…our dance came out great! I was so proud of our kids.
1. Allegiance of Honor (Psy/Changelings #15) by Nalini Singh | 4.25 out of 5 2. For the Win (Perfect Play #1) by Sara Rider | 3.5 out of 5 3. Bittersweet (True North #1) by Sarina Bowen | 4.75 out of 5 4. Angel’s Blood (Guild Hunters #1) by Nalini Singh | 4.5 out of 5 5. Smolder (Wildwood #2) by Karen Erickson | 4.25 out of 5 6. Broken Prince (Royals #2) by Erin Watt | 4.25 out of 5 7. Stay Until We Break (Hub City #2) by Mercy Brown | 3.5 out of 5 8. The Billionaire Bachelor (Billionaire Bad Boys #1) by Jessica Lemmon | 4.25 out of 5 9. Sweet Little Lies (Heartbreaker Bay #1) by Jill Shalvis | 4 out of 5 10. Steadfast (True North #2) by Sarina Bowen | 4.5 out of 5
The Billionaire Bachelor (Bad Boy Billionaires #1) by Jessica Lemmon Allegiance of Honor (Psy/Changelings #15) by Nalini Singh Bittersweet (True North #1) by Sarina Bowen Troublemaker by Linda Howard 26 Kisses by Anna Michels Shards of Hope (Psy/Changelings #14) by Nalini Singh The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson Shield of Winter (Psy/Changelings #13) by Nalini Singh Heart of Obsidian (Psy/Changelings #12) by Nalini Singh Tangle of Need (Psy/Changelings #11) by Nalini Singh From this Day Forward (Wedding Belles #0.5) by Lauren Layne Kiss of Snow (Psy/Changelings #10) by Nalini Singh Play of Passion (Psy/Changelings #9) by Nalini Singh Bonds of Justice (Psy/Changelings #8) by Nalini Singh