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The Wednesday Post (23)

Posted November 20, 2019 by Rowena in Books, Features | 4 Comments

Can’t Wait Wednesday is hosted by Tessa over at Wishful Endings and it was based on Waiting on Wednesday that was hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme that is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words.

I decided that I’m going to do a mashup of the Can’t Wait Wednesday and WWW Wednesday posts here on my blog. I’m bringing them together and calling it The Wednesday Post. Here’s what I’m up to this week.

WWW Wednesday

What did you recently finish reading?

Goddess of Spring (Goddess Summoning #2) by P.C. Cast

It took me so damn long to read this book. I was bored in the beginning, I didn’t like the heroine all that well, Hades portrayal was all wrong to me and after all was said and done, I thought the book was okay. I think I would have preferred if we got to see Persophone’s adventure on earth than Lina’s adventure in the Underworld. Honestly though? I’m just glad that I’m done with that book and I can finally move on.

What are you currently reading?

Lady Derring Takes a Lover (The Palace of Rogues #1) by Julie Anne Long

I’m still in the early days of this book but so far, I’m enjoying this book heaps more than I enjoyed Goddess of Spring. I haven’t read too many books by Julie Anne Long but Holly loved this book so I know that I’m going to love it too so I’m excited to keep reading.

What do you think you’ll read next?

The Kingmaker (All the King’s Men #1) by Kennedry Ryan
The Rebel King (All the King’s Men #2) by Kennedy Ryan

The last couple of weeks I’ve been lying to y’all. I keep saying that I’m going to read this book and that book but I’m not reading shit. But this week? I’m for real. After I finish Lady Derring, I’m moving on to this duet of books. I need some new Kennedy Ryan goodness in my life and Nick won’t stop screaming at the top of her lungs about these books. I have to check them out. See you guys on the other side.

Can’t Wait Wednesday
The Wednesday Post (23)Crush the King by Jennifer Estep
Series: Crown of Shards #3
Published by Harper Collins, Harper Voyager on March 17, 2020
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 432
Add It: Goodreads

A fierce gladiator queen must face off against her enemies in an epic battle in this next thrilling installment of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Estep’s Crown of Shards series—an action-packed adventure full of magic, murderous machinations, courtly intrigue, and pulse-pounding romance.

Queen Everleigh Blair of Bellona has survived the mass murder of the royal family, become a fearsome warrior trained by an elite gladiator troupe, and unleashed her ability to destroy magic. After surviving yet another assassination attempt orchestrated by the conniving king of Morta, Evie has had enough. It’s time to turn the tables and take the fight to her enemies. 

There is no better opportunity to strike than during the Regalia Games, a time when warriors, nobles, and royals from all the kingdoms come together to compete in various sporting events. With the help of her loyal friends, Evie goes on the attack at the Regalia, but things don’t turn out the way she hopes. Soon, she is facing a terrifying new threat, and she will have to dig deep and learn even more about her growing magic if she has any chance of defeating her foes.

Because to secure her throne and ensure her kingdom’s survival, Evie must think like a true Bellonan: she must outsmart and outwit her enemies . . . and crush the king.

I still need to read the second book in this series but that doesn’t mean that I’m not excited for this release. This series started off strong and I’m determined to catch up on this series before this one comes out. I have until March 17, 2020 to get caught up on this series and I’m going to do it. I need to know what Everleigh is up to and what’s going on with her and and her boo thang from the first book.

So, what are you reading this week? Anything good? Anything that you want to rant about?
Are you looking forward to Crush the King? What other books are you looking forward to releasing this year?

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The Wednesday Post (22)

Posted November 13, 2019 by Rowena in Books, Features | 7 Comments

Can’t Wait Wednesday is hosted by Tessa over at Wishful Endings and it was based on Waiting on Wednesday that was hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme that is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words.

I decided that I’m going to do a mashup of the Can’t Wait Wednesday and WWW Wednesday posts here on my blog. I’m bringing them together and calling it The Wednesday Post. Here’s what I’m up to this week.

WWW Wednesday

What did you recently finish reading?

Open House (Uptown #2) by Ruby Lang

This is the first book that I’ve read by Ruby Lang but it won’t be my last. I enjoyed Open House and loved both Magda and Ty. They were a great couple that were grown folks trying to figure things out and I enjoyed that about them. They weren’t fixated on stupid things that didn’t matter in the long run and I liked how open and honest they were with each other, even when they knew it wouldn’t have worked out…I enjoyed watching them figure out how to be together. Good stuff.

What are you currently reading?

Goddess of Spring by P.C. Cast

My reading in the last few weeks has been really slow but I have to get this book read because book club is coming up this Monday and I’m still in the early days of this book. I need to kick this reading slump in the ass and get on with reading already. Wish me luck.

What do you think you’ll read next?

The One for You (The Ones that Got Away #4) by Roni Loren
Don’t Break Me by Ash Ley

I was supposed to have started The One for You last week but I didn’t read a damn thing last week so I’m pushing it until next. I have to read Goddess of Spring first so that I can give myself time to finish it before Monday but after that? It’s Kincaid time. I’m also planning on reading Don’t Break Me as well. That one looks really good.

Can’t Wait Wednesday
The Wednesday Post (22)Yours In Scandal by Lauren Layne
Series: Man of the Year #1
Published by Amazon, Montlake Romance on March 10, 2020
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Add It: Goodreads

A political golden boy and the woman of his dreams take the risk of their lives in a sexy romantic comedy of strange bedfellows and second chances by New York Times bestselling author Lauren Layne.

Fresh off being named Citizen magazine’s Man of the Year, New York City’s youngest mayor, Robert Davenport, decides it’s time to strategize. Next move: a bid for the governor’s seat. In his way: an incumbent with a flawless reputation. He also has an Achilles’ heel: an estranged wild-child daughter with a past so scandalous it could be Robert’s ticket to victory. And a charm so irresistible it could be Robert’s downfall.

Rebellion is a thing of the past for Adeline Blake. As New York’s premier event planner, she’s all about reform and respectability. Then she’s approached by Robert to organize the party of the season. Curious, considering he’s her father’s most formidable opponent. And alarming, too. Because Addie can’t help but fall for the righteously popular candidate with the movie-star smile.

Now it’s Robert’s choice. Does he pursue a future that holds his legacy? Or the woman who holds his heart?

Are you guys surprised that I’m looking forward to yet another Lauren Layne book? I’m complete trash for any and all things Lauren Layne so yeah, I’m looking forward to this one and I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be just as good as I’m hoping. This book is the first book in a new series from LL and the hero is a mayor and the heroine is an event planner that promises to be just as awesome as all of the other LL heroines that I love and adore. Mark your calendars, this book comes out on March 10, 2020 so we still have a few months to wait but oh man, I can’t wait!!

So, what are you reading this week? Anything good? Anything that you want to rant about?
Are you looking forward to Yours in Scandal? What other books are you looking forward to releasing this year?

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Top Ten Tuesday: That Autumn Vibe

Posted November 5, 2019 by Rowena in Books, Features | 4 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday started over at The Broke and the Bookish back in 2010 but has moved over to That Artsy Girl. Each week, a topic is chosen and participants share their top ten lists on their blogs or if you don’t have a blog, you can leave your lists in the comment section of your favorite book blogs.

This week’s topic is:

Books That Give Off Autumn Vibes (Autumn scenes/colors on the cover, autumn atmosphere, etc.)

This week, I’ll be listing all of the books on my TBR pile that give me those autumn vibes. Whether they’re set in the fall or their book covers have that fall feeling. If it’s on my wish list and it gives me fall feels, you’ll find it on this list.

Here are the books that made my top ten this week. Check it out:

Meet Me on Love Lane (Hopeless Romantics #2) by Nina Bocci
Releases on December 10, 2019
Publisher: Gallery Books
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 304

Charlotte Bishop is out of options in New York City. Fired, broke, and blacklisted by her former boss, she’s forced to return to her hometown of Hope Lake, PA to lick her wounds. Although she’s expecting to find a miserable place with nothing to do, she is pleasantly surprised to discover it is bustling and thriving.

She’s only supposed to be in Hope Lake temporarily until she can earn enough money to move back to New York. She’s not supposed to reconnect with her childhood friends or her beloved grandmother. She’s not supposed to find her dream job running the local florist shop. And she’s definitely not supposed to fall for not one but two of Hope Lake’s golden boys: one the beloved high school English teacher, the other the charming town doctor.

With a heart torn between two men and two cities, what’s a girl to do?

Twisted Marriage (Filthy Vows #2) by Alessandra Torre
Released on October 10, 2019
Publisher: Self Published
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 264

Some sexual actions have consequences…

We thought we could branch outside of the norm. Explore my sexual fantasies. Dip our toes in a kinky pond just to see how it felt.

But you can’t have sex with your husband’s best friend in front of him without consequences. Ripples in the pond. A subtle shifting of events and feelings and triggers that will eventually affect every core molecule of your marriage. Your friendships. Your life.

Once I knelt down between the two of them, everything changed. And now, I’m faced with wading in deeper or drying off my pink manicured toes and trying to pretend it never happened.

They say that three is a crowd, but what about four?

What about more?

This is the truth of what I started when I confessed my desires and he gave them to me.

A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh
Releases on December 3, 2019
Publisher: Berkley
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 352

Anahera Rawiri left New Zealand at twenty-one, fleeing small-town poverty and the ghosts of her childhood with no plans to look back. But eight years later, she returns, seeking familiarity as respite from the shattered remains of her new life. And despite the changes brought on by a bump in tourism–the shiny new welcome sign at the town line and a decidedly less shiny new police presence–Golden Cove appears much as it ever was: a small settlement on the savage West Coast of the South Island, populated by all the remembered faces and set against a backdrop of lush greenery, jagged cliffs, and crashing waves.

Detective Will Gallagher knows all about ghosts; his own chased him out of a promising career in Christchurch, landing him as the sole cop in a quaint town where his most pressing concerns are petty theft and the occasional drunk. When Golden Cove resident Miri Hinewai goes out for a run and fails to return, Will finds himself heading up a missing person’s search that rapidly escalates into an official investigation after this case is connected with similar ones from the past. As an outsider, Will begins to rely on Anahera’s knowledge of the area and its residents to help him delve into Golden Cove’s secrets, and to determine whether it shelters something far more dangerous than just an unforgiving landscape.

Love Her or Lose Her (Hot and Hammered #2) by Tessa Bailey
Releases on January 14, 2020
Publisher: Avon
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 352

Rosie and Dominic Vega are the perfect couple: high school sweethearts, best friends, madly in love. Well, they used to be anyway. Now Rosie’s lucky to get a caveman grunt from the ex-soldier every time she walks in the door. Dom is faithful and a great provider, but the man she fell in love with ten years ago is nowhere to be found. When her girlfriends encourage Rosie to demand more out of life and pursue her dream of opening a restaurant, she decides to demand more out of love, too. Three words: marriage boot camp.

Never in a million years did Rosie believe her stoic, too-manly-to-emote husband would actually agree to relationship rehab with a weed-smoking hippy. Dom talking about feelings? Sitting on pillows? Communing with nature? Learning love languages? Nope. But to her surprise, he’s all in, and it forces her to admit her own role in their cracked foundation. As they complete one ridiculous—yet surprisingly helpful—assignment after another, their remodeled relationship gets stronger than ever. Except just as they’re getting back on track, Rosie discovers Dom has a secret… and it could demolish everything.

Headliners (London Celebrities #5) by Lucy Parker
Releases on January 20, 2020
Publisher: Carina Press
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 400

He might be the sexiest man in London, according to his fan site (which he definitely writes himself), but he’s also the most arrogant man she’s ever met.

She might have the longest legs he’s ever seen, but she also has the sharpest tongue.

For years, rival TV presenters Sabrina Carlton and Nick Davenport have traded barbs on their respective shows. The public can’t get enough of their feud, but after Nick airs Sabrina’s family scandals to all of Britain, the gloves are off. They can barely be in the same room together—but these longtime enemies are about to become the unlikeliest of cohosts.

With their reputations on the rocks, Sabrina and Nick have one last chance to save their careers. If they can resurrect a sinking morning show, they’ll still have a future in television. But with ratings at an all-time low and a Christmas Eve deadline to win back the nation’s favor, the clock is ticking—and someone on their staff doesn’t want them to succeed.

Small mishaps on set start adding up, and Sabrina and Nick find themselves—quelle horreur—working together to hunt down the saboteur…and discovering they might have more in common than they thought. When a fiery encounter is caught on camera, the public is convinced that the reluctant cohosts are secretly lusting after one another.

The public might not be wrong.

Their chemistry has always been explosive, but with hate turning to love, the stakes are rising and everything is on the line. Neither is sure if they can trust these new feelings…or if they’ll still have a job in the New Year.

Hearts, Heroes, and Heath Hall by Kasie West
Releases on March 3, 2020
Publisher: Harper Teen
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance
Pages: 320

At sixteen, Hannah Moore knows exactly who she is—a swimmer who will earn a scholarship to college. Totally worth all the hard work, even if her aching shoulders don’t agree. So when a guy dressed as Hollywood’s latest action hero, Heath Hall, crashes her swim meet, she isn’t amused. Instead, she’s determined to make sure he doesn’t bother her again. Only she’s not sure exactly who he is.

The swim meet isn’t the first event the imposter has interrupted, but a little digging turns up a surprising number of people who could be Heath Hall, including Hannah’s ex-boyfriend and her best friend’s crush. She soon finds herself getting caught up in the mysterious world of the fake Heath Hall.

As Hannah gets closer to uncovering the masked boy’s identity she also discovers some uncomfortable truths about herself—like she might resent the long shadow her late brother has cast over her family, that she isn’t as happy as she pretends to be with her life choices… and that she is falling for the last guy she ever thought she would like.

Undercover Bromance (The Bromance Book Club #2) by Lyssa Kay Adams
Releases on March 10, 2020
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 320

Braden Mack thinks reading romance novels makes him an expert in love, but he’ll soon discover that real life is better than fiction.

Liv Papandreas has a dream job as a sous chef at Nashville’s hottest restaurant. Too bad the celebrity chef owner is less than charming behind kitchen doors. After she catches him harassing a young hostess, she confronts him and gets fired. Liv vows revenge, but she’ll need assistance to take on the powerful chef.

Unfortunately, that means turning to Braden Mack. When Liv’s blackballed from the restaurant scene, the charismatic nightclub entrepreneur offers to help expose her ex-boss, but she is suspicious of his motives. He’ll need to call in reinforcements: the Bromance Book Club.

Inspired by the romantic suspense novel they’re reading, the book club assist Liv in setting up a sting operation to take down the chef. But they’re just as eager to help Mack figure out the way to Liv’s heart… even while she’s determined to squelch the sparks between them before she gets burned.

The Earl Takes a Fancy (Sins for All Seasons #5) by [Author Name]
Releases on March 31, 2019
Publisher: Avon
Genres: Historical
Pages: 400

She’s looking for a nobleman to wed…

Though born out of wedlock, Fancy Trewlove is determined to fulfill her mother’s wish that she marry into nobility. Fancy’s keen intellect and finishing school manners make her the perfect wife for any gentleman—if he’s willing to overlook her scandalous lineage. But Fancy’s plans are thrown into chaos when an intriguing commoner begins visiting her bookshop—and she finds herself unable to stop thinking about him.

He’s looking to escape his title…

Widowed just a year ago, the reclusive Matthew Sommersby, Earl of Rosemont, has been besieged by women hoping to become his next wife. Desperate for anonymity, he sheds Society life to search for the peace that eludes him. Fancy’s shop is his one refuge, until the night their passion erupts into a kiss that nearly leads to her ruin—and leaves both longing for much more.

Together, they discover an unlikely love…

As Fancy finds herself torn between her family’s expectations and her growing feelings for Matthew, secrets are exposed—secrets that force Fancy to question if she can trust her heart’s desire…

The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinisters #0.5) by Courtney Milan
Released on April 21, 2012
Publisher: Self Published
Genres: Historical
Pages: 101

She will not give up…

Three months ago, governess Serena Barton was let go from her position. Unable to find new work, she’s demanding compensation from the man who got her sacked: a petty, selfish, swinish duke. But it’s not the duke she fears. It’s his merciless man of business—the man known as the Wolf of Clermont. The formidable former pugilist has a black reputation for handling all the duke’s dirty business, and when the duke turns her case over to him, she doesn’t stand a chance. But she can’t stop trying—not with her entire future at stake.

He cannot give in…

Hugo Marshall is a man of ruthless ambition—a characteristic that has served him well, elevating the coal miner’s son to the right hand man of a duke. When his employer orders him to get rid of the pestering governess by fair means or foul, it’s just another day at the office. Unfortunately, fair means don’t work on Serena, and as he comes to know her, he discovers that he can’t bear to use foul ones. But everything he has worked for depends upon seeing her gone. He’ll have to choose between the life that he needs, and the woman he is coming to love…

Lingus by Mariana Zapata
Released on August 7, 2015
Publisher: Self Published
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 341

Most people would describe Katherine Berger as a responsible girl with a big heart, a loyal friend who takes care of those close to her, and the possessor of a wicked sense of humor. There was something about her that most people didn’t know. “My name is Kat Berger, and I love porn.”

When twenty-five-year-old Kat is dragged to a porn convention by her best friend, she’s both embarrassed and nervous. The last thing she ever expected was to meet someone who makes her laugh like no other. This is a story about acceptance and friendship, and a love born out of the most unexpected of places.


What about you? What does your list of fall vibed books look like? I’d love to read all about it in the comments so please share with the class!

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