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The Wednesday Five: OST’s That I Love

Posted November 9, 2022 by Rowena in Features | 0 Comments

I’m a list person. I have a list for every single thing in my life from a to-do list, a list of books that I want to read, a running shopping list, and in the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing different k-entertainment lists that I’ve been keeping track of. You’ll be seeing my top 5 lists of stuff like my current celebrity crushes, my favorite k-drama female protagonists, my favorite k-drama male protagonists, my to-be-watched k-dramas, and you know, stuff like that.

This week’s Wednesday Five will feature a part two of my favorite Korean Drama OSTs. You can catch part one right here. This week’s list features some more of my favorite songs from different Korean Drama OSTs.

1. Christmas Tree by V from Our Beloved Summer

V’s smooth voice singing this song never failed to get me in my feels when I was watching this drama. I already loved the show like, a lot but there was something hauntingly beautiful about this song that made my love for the show even bigger. It fit so well with the story from the drama and every time it came on, I knew that my ass was going to start ugly crying and I always did. This song is just…too stinkin’ good.

2. With You by Jimin & Ha Sung Woon from Our Blues

I watched this drama because of this song. The song didn’t debut on the show for a few episodes and at first, I wasn’t that invested in the drama but I kept watching because I knew that Jimin and Ha Sung Woon’s song was going to be on there. By the time the song dropped on the show, I was super invested in every single character on the show. I thought the song matched the storyline of the characters so well that the song strengthened my love for the show. As an ARMY, I’m heavy into the streaming part of my ARMY duties but because I love this song so much, it’s not a chore. Jimin and Sung Woon’s voices blend together so nicely and this song just freaking rocks.

3. Yours by Jin from Jirisan

I really like this song. It’s soft and Jin’s voice suits the song extremely well. Unlike the last song, no matter how much I like this one, it couldn’t save the drama for me. The drama was boring and I couldn’t connect with any of the characters so that was a bummer but this song? This song is still in regular rotation on my listening playlists on Spotify. I love it that much.

4. Start Over by Gaho from Itaewon Class

I love this song. Like, a lot. Every single time that this song comes on, I want to burn Jangga down all over again and this song makes me feel like I actually could. This song makes me so happy and super pumped to tackle the day. Gaho has such a great singing voice and a lot of my favorite Korean Drama songs are sung by Gaho and this song is at the very top of the list of Gaho songs that I love.

5. Stay with Me by CHANYEOL, and Punch from Goblin

One of the most memorable songs off the Goblin soundtrack is Beautiful and while I love that song, for me, it’s this song that I absolutely adore the most. It was one of the first Korean songs that I learned to sing by heart and it’s been a long, long time since I first heard this song but I still love it just as much now, as I did then. This is such a great song.

What are some of your favorite OST songs?

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Review: Our Blues

Posted October 27, 2022 by Rowena in Reviews | 0 Comments

Our Blues

Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Cha Seung Won, Lee Jung Eun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Han Ji Min, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Hye Ja, Go Doo Shim
Year Released: 2022
Number of Episodes: 20
Genre: Life, Drama, Melodrama, Romance
Country: South Korea
Where I Watched It: Netflix
Recommended By: Park Jimin
Who I Watched It For: Park Jimin

“Our Blues” takes on an omnibus-style drama, which tells the story of diverse characters that are somewhat interconnected, in one way or the other.

Lee Dong Suk, a guy born on the beautiful island of Jeju, sells goods from the mainland in his truck for a living. He meets Min Sun Ah, a girl with a mysterious past, who has come to Jeju to escape that life.

Park Jung Joon, a ship captain, falls in love with Lee Young Ok, a diver with a bright and bubbly personality.

Jung Eun Hee, a fish shop owner, reunites with her past lover Choi Han Soo. They cross paths in Jeju Island when he returns back, after realizing that city life is not for him.

I went into this drama because of Park Jimin. Jimin was singing one of the songs on the OST so to support my fellow Bulletproof Boyscout, I put this drama on my to watch list. I won’t lie. This show started off really slow. The first couple of stories dragged for me and I wasn’t sure that I’d continue because I had to hype myself up to watch the new episodes in the beginning but boy am I glad that I kept with it. With each passing week, I cried a little more and then when Jimin’s song with Ha Sung Woon finally makes its debut? I cried EVEN MORE. The song matched the couple’s story so well that I came to love the song even more as well.

There’s a lot of characters to follow in this show but I loved each and every story, every character, and just the entire town. Lee Young Ok’s character was hard to root for. She was so mysterious, so frustratingly hard to get to know that it turned me off but as her story starts to come to light more and more, I hated her less and less. While I didn’t completely understand the reasons she did the things that she did to and for her sister, in the end, I was glad that she found a home and I was glad that she could stop running from her life.

Each character in this show had a story to tell and we saw them all. Big stories, little stories, stories told through other stories, the way that the writers meshed them all together was pretty great. I can’t tell you which story was my favorite because it’s a tie between the pregnancy story and the granddaughter coming to stay with the grandmother. I cried the most in those two stories but each story was pretty great in their own right. All of the actors did a fantastic job of bringing their characters to life and I loved that each character shined in their own way and added to the village that I came to know and love in the end.

There’s a lot to love with this drama. Lots of great acting, a fantastic OST, and a lot of pretty eye candy to look at as well. The pacing is on the slower side but I thought it worked well with the kind of drama that this was. Everything comes at you but the overall feel of the drama is slow, steady, and oh so good. I really enjoyed this one and I think y’all will too.

Final Rating

4.5 out of 5

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Eye Candy Friday: Park Jimin, Jimin from BTS

Posted February 12, 2021 by Rowena in Features | 2 Comments

Eye Candy Friday is something that I’ve been doing since I first started my personal blog way back in 2003. That first personal blog is long gone but I’ve never really grown out of the eye candy phase. I’m always up for some eye candy. Whether it’s a character from a book (male or female, I don’t discriminate), a character from a movie or TV Show, musicians, if I loved them and want to gush about how much I loved them, you’ll find them here. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

This week, I’m featuring Park Jimin from BTS, otherwise known as Jimin. Jimin is probably my favorite dancer in the group. I love watching J Hope dance but for some reason, every single time that I watch a live performance of Serendipity, I am in freaking heaven. That performance gets me every time. I was super obsessed with that song for a while and I’m still pretty obsessed with it but I’m obsessed with a lot of other songs too so it’s not just Serendipity these days.

What I love most about Jimin, is his caring nature. He takes great care of V and Jungkook and I was in legit tears when V read the letter he wrote to Jimin on Bon Voyage. V was thanking Jimin for being a better friend to him than he’s ever been to Jimin and the letter embarrassed V and made Jimin cry. I’ve seen plenty of footage where Jimin is there to cheer up his fellow members who look down. He’s there with a quick hug, a meeting of eyes to make sure that the other is okay, and he’s just a giant sweetheart that I adore. I adore everything about him, really, His personality, his dancing, his singing voice, hell, I even adore his tiny pinkies. Haha…and that is why Jimin is this week’s eye candy.

Favorite Jimin Meme

Until next week…enjoy!

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