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The Wednesday Five: Dramas That Didn’t Live Up to the Hype

Posted March 8, 2023 by Rowena in Features | 3 Comments

I’m a list person. I have a list for every single thing in my life from a to-do list, a list of books that I want to read, a running shopping list, and in the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing different k-entertainment lists that I’ve been keeping track of. You’ll be seeing my top 5 lists of stuff like my current celebrity crushes, my favorite k-drama female protagonists, my favorite k-drama male protagonists, my to-be-watched k-dramas, and you know, stuff like that.

This week’s Wednesday Five will feature the dramas that I was so excited for and didn’t live up to the hype. And by hype, I mean, the hype that I was giving it in my head.

1. Playful Kiss

Where to Watch: Viki, Prime Video
Starring: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Tae Sung

I was looking forward to watching this one because my niece recommended it. It was one of the first dramas she watched and loved so I thought it was going to be good. This show was not for me. At all. Everyone drove me crazy and I wanted to spank the main leads for too much of the show so this was a big disappointment to me.

2. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

Where to Watch: Viki
Starring: Park Seo Joon, Go Ah Ra, Park Hyung Shik

This drama was my introduction to BTS. I tried watching this show because Park Seo Joon starred in it but I could not get into the show but I loved Han Sung. I loved him so much that I googled him, found out he was in a boy band and listened to ONE SONG and fell down the rabbit hole. I wish I had loved this show as much as I ended up loving BTS.

3. Something in the Rain

Where to Watch: Netflix
Starring: Son Ye Jin, Jung Hae In, Jang So Yeon

When I saw this while browsing Netflix for something to watch, I was super excited because I enjoyed both Son Ye Jin in Crash Landing on You and I loved Jung Hae In in everything that I’d seen him in but this drama just didn’t work for me. It drove me up the wall and whatever I thought I was excited to see was never delivered and that bummed me out a lot because I wanted to fight Son Ye Jin in this drama so many different times.

4. Love is for Suckers

Where to Watch: Viki, Prime Video
Starring: Lee Da Hee, Choi Shi Won, Jo Soo Hyang

I thought I was going to get a nice rom-com with this one that was reminiscent of Revolutionary Love but whatever I thought this was gonna be, it wasn’t. I couldn’t stand the female lead so much that it started to ruin the rest of the show for me so yeah, this one didn’t hit for me at all.

5. Strangers Again

Where to Watch: Viki
Starring: Kang So Ra, Jang Seung Jo, Jo Eun Ji

Of the shows that released last month, this was at the top of my most excited for new dramas and then I started it and realized that it just wasn’t for me. I wasn’t a fan of anything so I quit it and have moved on. I really doubt that I’ll go back and finish it. All the hype I had for it died once the show started. Oh well, they can’t always be winners.

Are there any dramas that you were looking forward to and they just didn’t live up to the hype you had for it?

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