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Review: May I Help You?

Posted February 2, 2023 by Rowena in Reviews | 2 Comments

May I Help You?

Starring: Lee Hyeri, Lee Jun Young, Song Deok Ho, Han Dong Hee, Tae In Ho, Lee Kyu Han
Year Released: 2022
Number of Episodes: Drama, Supernatural, Romance
Country: South Korea
Director: Shim So Yeon
Screenwriter: Lee Seon Hye
Where I Watched It: Prime Video
Who I Watched It For: Lee Hyeri

Baek Dong Ju works as a funeral director. She has a special ability that allows her to see and talk to dead people. The dead people ask Baek Dong Ju to grant their last wish. If Baek Dong Ju doesn’t grant their wishes, her day becomes filled with bad luck. This motivates her to listen to their wishes and grant them their wishes, with the help of Kim Jib Sa.

Kim Jib Sa is an employee at errand service “Ildangbaek,” which is owned by his uncle Vincent. Ildangbaek provides service for pretty much anything clients ask for, even minor things like changing light bulbs. Kim Jib-Sa does his best for his clients.

This show starred Lee Hyeri, so, of course, I was going to watch this. I was also really interested in watching this one because of Lee Jun Young. I think he’s adorable and loved watching him in the other shows of his that I watched so going into this one, I was pretty sure that I was going to love it.

The Story

This story follows the two main leads as they live their lives and deal with whatever life throws at them. At the same time, they’re getting to know each other and falling in love with each other. Our male lead is dealing with some personal things and a whole lot of grief. His guilt is keeping him from working as the doctor he went to school for and our female lead is dealing with trying to come to terms with a special power she’s been given for communicating with the dead and helping them deal with unfinished business before they cross over the bridge to Heaven. The two of them kept bumping into each other all over town and what started as them pretty much hating each other, they grow closer and of course, they fall in love with each other.

Male Lead

Kim Tae Hee was one of my favorite male leads of the ending of 2022. Every episode I adored him more and more. He was such a likable character that was trying to make the most of what he was doing now and as his story unravels and we get to know him and his situation more, you can’t help but feel for him. Even in the beginning when he broke up with Dong Joo, I adored him. I thought he handled the second lead pretty well, considering her coming around kept hurting my girl Dong Joo, I thought that Tae Hee did his best to keep his distance from his ex and still enjoy getting to know Dong Joo. Overall, his character was such a winner for me.

Female Lead

Dong Joo was another fantastic female lead (played by Lee Hyeri). At first, I didn’t think that I would enjoy her character as much as some of her other characters but I’m glad to report that I was wrong. Dong Joo has a special power that puts her in contact with dead people who haven’t crossed over yet. When she first gets this power, she runs away from it and had the worst karma because of that. So she goes back to working at the funeral and she starts listening to the dead people around her and she starts helping them out. While she’s busy with all of this, she meets and keeps meeting Tae Hee and seeing her come into her feelings for him and then putting herself out there with him made me love the hell out of her. She was just a sweet, fun, and totally capable person who was kindhearted as well and *sigh* I just…loved her.

The Cast

There were a lot of great side characters in this show. From Tae Hee’s Uncle to Dong Joo’s father and her Uncle to Dong Joo’s friends, I enjoyed everyone except for Tae Hee’s ex-girlfriend and her Mom and well, I also didn’t like the bad guy. Even the dead people that Dong Joo worked with were great characters. I cried a lot getting to know the dead people and then after all of that stuff with Dong Joo’s Dad. Lots of familiar faces and some that I was all too happy to see again so this cast was colorful and they were beautiful and added different things that made for a great show so I loved them all! My favorites outside of Tae Hee and Dong Joo were definitely the uncles. Haha, they were too good!

Final Thoughts

This show was such a delightful one that deals with heavy things like grief and heartbreak. It had sweet moments, funny moments, and a romance that made me smile throughout the entire thing. I felt all of the emotions watching this one and I enjoyed the beginning half of the season a lot more than the second half but overall, it was a good run and I’m super glad that I watched it. Lee Jun Young and Lee Hyeri were great together and I totally felt their chemistry with each other but also with the other characters in the series. I definitely recommend it.

Final Rating


4 out of 5

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