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Man Crush Monday (4)

Posted February 15, 2016 by Rowena in Features | 0 Comments

Man Crush Monday

So a couple of weeks ago, Nalini Singh (of Psy/Changelings series fame) made an announcement through her newsletter and I haven’t been able to stop celebrating ever since.

Here’s the announcement:

“So, I planned only to write about these rock stars… then along came some rugby players. It looks like my next contemporaries will feature Gabriel Bishop’s brothers, those gorgeous rugby players you met in Rock Hard.”

This has been what I looked like ever since the announcement:

I read Rock Hard early last year and immediately wanted books for Gabriel’s family. I’m Samoan so I will always gravitate toward romances featuring Polynesian characters…and we’re finally getting it! I’m super thrilled because this is who I had in my head when we met Gabriel’s family in Rock Hard.

Sonny B. Williams. He’s a rugby player and he’s Polynesian so *swoon* he’s it. He’s who I’m casting as Gabe’s brother and that is only a small portion of why he’s this week’s Man Crush Monday. His striking good looks takes care of all the other reasons he was chosen for this week’s MCM dude.




You’re welcome.

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