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TV Tuesday (3)

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There will only be one show talked about this week. I’m all caught up on all of my shows but this week’s post will be all about Game of Throne’s season 7 finale so like previous weeks, this post is going to be filled to the brim with spoilers so stay away if you haven’t watched the finale. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This is what I looked like throughout the whole episodes (both times I watched it):
I freaking loved this episode. There was so much action, angst, and just…stuff going on that I couldn’t watch it fast enough. If I had a gripe, it would have been the Theon stuff. Sure, his character needs that redemption but since I don’t care for his character, I didn’t need it. The other gripe that I thought about would be…where was Gendry? I missed him. Anyway, let’s get on with it…

The meeting at Kings Landing

Alright, so I’ve been really curious about how this was going to turn out. All of the big players in one venue for the first time. It’s one of those things where once again, everyone in attendance hates each other but they really need to put their differences aside and discuss more important matters. Matters of life and death. I had a feeling that Cersei was going to do exactly what she did and I was so happy to see that Jamie did exactly what I wanted him to do. The right thing. I honestly think that his redemption arc ends with him killing the Mad Queen. And I think Cersei is the Mad Queen, not Daenerys. I think he’s going to be the one that kills Cersei or will play an important part in killing Cersei for the better of the realm. I love Jon Snow. Every week before an episode begins, I don’t think that I could love this man more than I do but I’m always wrong because I loved Jon more this week than any other week and that’s big. I loved when he said that he couldn’t serve two queens and he’s already pledged himself to his Queen Daenerys. Goodness, he’s Ned Stark through and through. <3

Starks vs. Little Finger

HA!!! Take that to everyone who doubted Arya! The minute that Arya walks into the great hall and Bran is sitting next to Sansa, I knew that they were all in it together. I knew that what I thought was right…was right dammit. LOL. Oh man, I love being right. Arya is right. Being Lady of Winterfell suits Sansa. If I was wrong about anything this season, it was her. I haven’t liked her character since the beginning and for some reason, I thought she’d continue to disappoint me but she’s been surprising me at every turn. I thought for sure that Cersei would have influenced her a lot more than she did and while you can see that Sansa has learned a lot from Cersei, at her core, she’s a Stark…and Stark’s are the good guys. She hit it on the nose when she said, “I’m a slow learner, it’s true. But I learn.” She’s grown into such a strong woman and an even stronger leader and I know that her parents would be proud of the woman she’s grown up to be. It was a great scene, seeing the Stark pack come together to survive. I would say RIP Littlefinger but I don’t want him to rest peacefully. He doesn’t deserve it, in my eyes.

Jamie and Cersei

Am I the only person that took Jamie’s, “I don’t believe you” to Cersei as he doesn’t believe she’s pregnant and he’s done with her trying to manipulate him by using their children? There’s nobody left. It’s just the two of them and then she holds her stomach and he’s like, “Nope. You ain’t fooling me this time.” Like I said earlier, I saw the Cersei shenanigans going down but I’m super glad that Jamie ain’t going to stick around and be her little lap dog. You go and keep your word, Jamie.

Sam and Bran

I can get behind a Bran and Sam bromance. I’m glad to see that Bran and Sam talked because now they know the truth….and it’s going to be interesting seeing them tell Jon. I’m sure that some time will be spent on the angst of Daenerys losing the right to the throne though I’m sure that Jon will give her the throne since he doesn’t want it. Still, these two together will be good for the realm. Bran sees everything and so he’ll help Sam record everything in the book that they’re going to write together…to tell the story of the song of fire and ice.


The coming together of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen was inevitable. They’ve got some big time feelings for each other and everyone can see it. Everyone knows it. They acted on those feelings this week and holy cow. The internet exploded with yays and some nays and I’m here for it. They’ve gone through such different journeys, such separate journeys that have brought them together but I’ve wanted these two to come together in the exact way that they’ve come together since I started liking both of them back in season 1. Sure, I could have done without them being related but their union makes sense in the world that GRRM created for these characters and the love that is strong and true between these guys is such a sight to behold. I love it. I’m pretty anxious to see what next season has in store for these two. My theory is that they will find out the truth but will struggle with different things. Dany will struggle with her purpose since Jon will be the rightful heir to everything she’s fighting for. She will struggle with his new title and will wonder if she’ll have to fight him before Cersei. I think his struggle will be coming to grips with who he truly is. He won’t feel like a true Stark. He won’t feel like a true Targaryen..and I think him telling Theon this week that he’s a Greyjoy AND he’s a Stark was foreshadowing of his struggle next season. He will struggle with Ned’s lies and won’t realize that Ned was protecting him with those lies at first. He will bend the knee to Daenerys in the end because his love for her will be far more important to him than the throne and then he’s going to die a noble death and Dany will raise their baby dragons on the throne after Jamie kills Cersei. LOL.

The Wall has Fallen

The wall falling marks that winter is freaking here. That big ass white walker army FINALLY made it to the wall after walking there all season long. We also see ice dragon Viserion in action and whoa. Just whoa. The end is near guys…and I can’t even deal with all of it. The end. The war. The baby dragons. The ice dragon. I can’t deal with any of it. Still, this season was freaking great.
What did you think of this season? What did you think of the finale? What do you see happening next season? What do you WANT to happen next season? Let’s talk!

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