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Throwback Thursday (22)

Posted March 2, 2017 by Rowena in Family, Features | 4 Comments


Tomorrow is Brenna’s birthday and she turns 18 so I’m feeling hella nostalgic. I’m remembering a lot of things from when she was a baby to when she started Kindergarten, went to middle school and right now she’s preparing for life after high school. It all seems so surreal. There are a lot of things in my life that I don’t remember, memories that are blurry in my mind but everything about Brenna, her life and who she was then versus who she is now is clear as day. I remember her life vividly.

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a picture of Brenna and her best friend, Makenna on my brother Pete’s wedding day. This picture was taken 7 years ago and I remember everything about that day. I remember arguing with her because she was determined to straighten her hair for the wedding and I wasn’t having it. Her hair is naturally curly and just like some girls hair can’t hold a curl from a curling iron for long, Brenna’s hair doesn’t stay straight for long. It frizzes up and gets all tangly. So we argued about her hair and she got her way because there isn’t a thing that her Aunty Helen won’t do for her so while we were all getting dressed for the wedding, Helen took the time to straighten Brenna’s hair because that’s what she wanted.

She’s one of the good ones and this picture is one of my favorite pictures. Her and Kenna have always been close and I’m glad that all these years later, they’re still taking pictures like this together.

They were 11 and 10 years old in this picture. So sweet and so innocent. Now? Not so much. Haha.

Tomorrow, Brenna will be old enough to vote and I’ll always miss the girl she used to be but I’m super proud of the woman she’s growing up to be.

Until next week…enjoy!

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Throwback Thursday (21)

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As usual, this week’s Throwback Thursday features my girls. Bren, Ken and Cher. This was in sixth grade, we drove into L.A. County after winning state with our club basketball team in San Diego. They wanted to go straight to the cemetery to share their gold medals with my Mom. Mom died in April and this picture was taken in June or July after her funeral so there’s no headstone yet.

They look like babies. Gah, they’re so grown now. 🙁

From L-R: Cheridan, Brenna, Makenna

I love these girls!

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Throwback Thursday (20)

Posted February 16, 2017 by Rowena in Family, Features | 14 Comments


This week’s Throwback Thursday features my niece, Chaylene (we call her Chach). Chach turns 20 this year and is probably one of my favorite people. She was one of those girls that glowed up in the latter part of her high school years. Freshman and Sophomore year, she was this skinny stick of girl with glasses and braces then once the braces came off in Junior year, she changed her style and boys took notice.

Back when Facebook was populated by teenagers, Chach used to post on there a lot. She is the niece that I swear could be a contemporary YA protagonist. She is the telenovela queen of our family. She kept me laughing all the time with the outrageous stories she came home with.

Like the time she was standing in line at lunch in back of the hottest guy ever (her words) and she stared for so long and so hard that when he looked back and met her eye, she blurted, “You’re so hot!” and just when she was patting herself on the back for speaking coherently to a hot guy, he says, “Thanks, my boyfriend thinks so too” and Chach immediately deflates. She came home and told me, “I hit on a gay guy today.” and while she was disappointed that she struck out, she laughed at herself because she would be the one to finally work up the nerve to talk to a boy and find out that he’s gay. That he’s not at all interested in her.

A few months after that, a couple of other boys later, Justin Bieber’s song, “As Long As You Love Me” comes out and Chach made the following graphic:

She posted it on Facebook and I laughed and laughed and laughed because this is exactly Chach’s personality.

These days, Chach is serving a full time mission for our Church. She’s at the Missionary Training Center in Utah, waiting on her visa so that she can go forth and teach the people of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. She’s beyond excited and is doing really great things. She’s 19, almost 20 and she’s just as beautiful now as she was then.

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