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Throwback Thursday (4)

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The first Throwback Thursday of 2016 takes us back to my days as a Lady Saxon at North High School. This picture was taken at the Black and White dance during my sophomore year at North.


Back: Me, Nicole Front: Dee

Ha! We were babies. My daughter is older right now than I was when I took this picture. Oh man does time fly by.

I lost touch with Nicole so I have no idea how she’s doing or what she’s up to these days but Dee is family so I know that she lives in Utah with her husband and three kids. She’s still as cute as ever and my favorite Mataalii (that’s not related to me). What’s funny is that I don’t remember much about this dance, I just remember taking this picture and that’s it. That’s how you know you’re old. Oh well.

Until next week, enjoy this blast from my past!


Throwback Thursday (3)

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It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks so I haven’t been able to blog on here as much as I wanted or thought I would. I need to get Brenna her own computer so that she can use that for her homework.

Anyway, this week’s Throwback picture is a goody. It’s one that had me cracking up at how young we all look. It’s from my high school graduation.

Saxons Graduate 1998

From L-R: Manu, Me, Foti and Dee Dee

Manu was the most popular kid in this picture, followed by Foti. They were the athletes. Manu played football and Foti played soccer. Dee and I were on Pep Squad for a year together (short flags squad) before I quit to become a water girl for the football team. Yep, I was a freaking cheerleader. Don’t hate. Haha.

This picture was taken on June 19, 1998…17 years ago.

I was 17.

Brenna turns 17 in three months. It blows my mind that I have a daughter that is the same age that I was in this picture. I can’t believe how freaking old I am. Where did the time go?

Looking at this picture, takes me right back to high school. To all of the football games, the parties, the dances, the goofing around in the quad at lunchtime. CHICK FIL-A sandwiches at the red carts. The friends I had that I don’t keep in contact with anymore and the friends that I do keep in contact with. Brenna goes to North now and did you know that they don’t have outside food sold in the quad anymore? No more Chick Fil-A, no more Taco Bell, it’s all school lunches for them. Sucks to be them, for sure. What also sucks is they don’t eat bagels with cream cheese, hashbrowns and ham either. That was a staple back when I was at North. It was the freaking Saxon bagel. Kids these days, missing out on the good stuff.

You know what’s annoying about this week’s picture? How Foti looks exactly the same now as he did in this picture. I think hate him.

Anyway, that does it for this week’s Throwback Thursday. I’ll be back with another goody next week.

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Throwback Thursday (2)

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I took a break last week because it was Thanksgiving but I’m back this week with some more throwback picture goodness.

This week’s throwback picture features friends from my childhood.


Ralph, Hanah and David

Check out Hanah pimping it between a used car salesman and Samoa’s wannabe GQ model. Oh man, talk about good ol’ days. If I remember correctly, this was at the fireside for our Mini Missions back when I was either 14 or 15. I remember that Leitina was my mission companion that weekend.

I have really fond memories of being a youth in the Nu’umau Ward. From girls camp to seminary with Ralph’s bad ass and then who could forget Ralph and Ingrid’s fight at the Manhattan Beach chapel? I look back and laugh because I had a good childhood with these guys. I’m fortunate that I keep in touch with all of my Nu’umau friends from back in the day. I’m sad that Brenna doesn’t have these kinds of memories. The youth program these days isn’t the same as they were when I was in the youth.

I had to do it guys…sorry not sorry? Haha.

Until next week…

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Throwback Thursday (1)

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I missed my Mom last night.

I’m not even sure why I missed her more last night than any other night but she was on my mind as I waited for Arrow to come on. I was going through my inbox, reading through very old emails to Holly, Ames, Grace and then Mulu and Therese.

Mulu, I came across an email where you were making fun of me because of the attack of the Lilies and I laughed for a freaking long time.

For those of you who don’t know, the jist of that story is I made my Mom so freaking mad over some burnt cake. She didn’t like my attitude toward the burnt cake (I burned the cake, not her) and she would not let it go. Looking back at it now, I’m pretty sure she was mad about the attitude I was giving her and not the actual cake but back then? You couldn’t tell me that she wasn’t mad over a stupid burned cake.

I don’t remember how the story came up when I was telling Mulu, but I remember telling the story and not trying to be funny. I was dead ass serious when I told Mulu and when I was done, she did the one thing I wasn’t expecting (but should have expected, considering it’s freaking Mulu).

She laughed her butt off. And it wasn’t one of those haha fake laughs. No, it was a full out, bent at the waist, can’t catch her breath laugh.

She didn’t share in my stubborn anger over how extra I thought my Mom was over the burned cake, or fear for my life because my Mom did lunge for me, ready to choke my ass out, she didn’t do anything that a good friend would do.

She just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Though now that I think about it…maybe I was extra. LOL.

After that, she referred to that incident and even my Mom at times as the “Attack of the Lilies” (<---- those of you that didn't grow up with me, my Mom's name was Lillian but we called her Lily). At the time, I did not find it funny. It’s hilarious to me now. While I was looking through old pictures to find some really great gems to post on the blog, I came across this picture. TBT-1

This picture was taken years ago, one Mother’s Day at the Lawndale Building. It was after Church and I remember trying to be patient while my Mom joined her friends to do what they always do after Church (take pictures) and I remember my friend Foti’s Mom making me take this picture. You don’t say no to Foti’s Mom so I dutifully posed for this picture.

We’re coming up on the fifth anniversary of my Mom’s death and there still isn’t a day that I don’t think about her. I can still hear her voice in my head, remember little things about her that make me smile or stories like the one above that make me laugh. There are also things that I miss about her so much that it makes me cry and that is why this picture made it onto the blog as my first Throwback Thursday post.

You never really get over the death of a loved one but there will come a time when you laugh again, when it’s not hard to be happy again. My Mom taught me a lot of life lessons. She taught me to love God, honor my parents, bring Brenna up in the Church and to be a good person.

She also taught me to not burn cakes. 🙂

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