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Review: Forecasting Love and Weather

Posted July 28, 2022 by Rowena in Reviews | 0 Comments

Forecasting Love and Weather

Starring: Park Min Young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, Yura
Year Released: 2022
Number of Episodes: 16
Genre: Contemporary, Drama, Romance, Office Romance
Country: South Korea
Where I Watched It: Netflix
Recommended By: N/A
Who I Watched It For: Song Kang

A romance drama about the work and love in the office of National Weather Service, hotter than tropical nights and more unpredictable than localized heavy rains.

Jin Ha Kyung is an intelligent and highly organized individual who does everything by the book and is fastidious about keeping her personal and professional lives separate. Due to her cold demeanor, she has few friends at work and has become an “outsider by choice.”

Lee Shi Woo is a free spirit who is always thinking outside the box. Although he can appear clumsy, he boasts an impressive IQ of 150 and is able to achieve anything once he sets his mind to it. However, in spite of his intelligence and abilities, all he cares about is the weather.

Han Ki Joon is a handsome and quick-witted character with a silver tongue. Using his formidable powers of persuasion, Han Ki Joon eventually gets scouted by the spokesperson’s office after struggling in the early days of his career at the service. However, because he has lived his entire life as a model student, he has a hard time dealing with failure.

Chae Yoo Jin is a daily weather reporter. Although she went into her job with lofty dreams of breaking news, exciting scoops, and on-site reports, Chae Yoo Jin was ultimately assigned to the “weather and lifestyle team.” While she was initially disappointed by the assignment, she eventually comes to grow fond of her job.
Park Min Young and Song Kang are two actors that I like so I knew that I was going to watch this one when it dropped. I watched the entire thing and this was one of those shows that while I was watching it, was great. I enjoyed the characters, the romance between the main and secondary leads but the time in between??? Yeah, I was never rushing to watch the new episodes.

The main leads delivered their characters well. I enjoyed getting to know both Ha Kyung and Shi Woo. They were good at their job and I loved how protective Shi Woo was over Ha Kyung’s reputation at work though I felt their romance moved at warped speed in the beginning, I came to really love their mature relationship. I loved how Ha Kyung was all in, honest in how she felt, and quick to apologize when she was wrong. She was a lot better than I am because even when she had an attitude, she was able to set things right without blowing shit up. When the inevitable break up happens, I thought it was pretty dumb and though their romance happened pretty quickly, the pacing of the show as a whole was pretty slow and I think that played a huge role in why it took me so long to gear up to watch the episodes every week.

I did think that their jobs were interesting and never would have paid any mind to forecasters if I hadn’t watched this show. This show paints a realistic picture of how important and how varied the jobs of forecasters and weather people are. At least, a realistic picture in the sense of every factor in the decisions and announcements that they make to the public. Their jobs aren’t easy ones and I loved seeing their work dynamic with their team. The reporters who report the weather have loads to juggle as well and seeing all of these guys in their element made watching the show easier when I was watching it.

I was surprised at how much I came to enjoy the secondary romance. When we first meet the secondary couple, we’re not fans of them. Their story unfolds slowly and goes from I hate them to I don’t care for them to awwww, I hope they make it strange for me since I hate cheaters and these two cheated on the main couple when they were together. Still, all well that ends well and everyone ended up with who they were meant to end up with. I also liked the romance between Ha Kyung’s sister and Ha Kyung’s co-worker. I loved Ha Kyung’s meddling mother and I hated Shi Woo’s dad.

I loved the weather team and seeing them all struggle through their personal lives at the same time trying to provide up-to-date weather reports to the public. I thought the way that they all took their jobs seriously was commendable and I cheered for all of them both personally and professionally. Overall, this show was slow to develop but had a satisfying ending that made me happy. The romance was strong and it was sweet, the weather stuff was interesting and I didn’t think it would be and the show itself was solid. I definitely recommend it.
Final Rating


3.5 out of 5

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Review: Dear My Friends

Posted July 7, 2022 by Rowena in Reviews, TV Shows | 0 Comments

Dear My Friends

Starring: Go Hyun Jung, Go Doo Shim, Kim Hye Ja, Park Won Sook, Na Moon Hee, Youn Yuk Jung, Jo In Sung
Year Released: 2016
Number of Episodes: 16
Genre: Drama, Family, Romance
Country: South Korea
Where I Watched It: Netflix
Recommended By: Kim Namjoon

Park Wan is a translator who is constantly pulled by her mother, Jang Nan Hee, to hang out with her elder friends, Jo Hee Ja, Moon Jung Ah, Oh Choong Nam, and Lee Yeong Won. The plot revolves around the friends’ twilight years as they are rediscovering themselves through relationships and family, the struggles they face due to their old age, and their life journey that they share with Park Wan in the hope she would write a novel about them.
RM recommended this drama and though I normally wouldn’t have chosen to watch it for myself, I’m so glad that I gave it a try. This was one of those dramas that kicked you in the gut and made you sit up and take notice of yourself and your own life. There are life lessons in this one that spoke to me, as a person who has had to take care of aging parents. It’s never easy and your parents will have you wishing for peace at every turn. Watching this show made me remember the many times that I drove my Mom and her friends around while they laughed and had the best time. I never wanted to drive them but I always had the best time while I was with them.

This group of old ladies was no different from my crazy Samoan Mom and her friends. They were always getting themselves into some trouble or other and always calling me to come and pick them up. So I empathized with Park Wan. Wan was battling emotional baggage all fronts. From leaving her boyfriend back in Europe, to her running all over South Korea picking up and cleaning up her Mom’s group of friends messes, Wan lived a very busy and emotionally exhausting life. Add to that everything else that pops off during the course of this drama, my frustration with Wan’s character slowly turned into admiration as each episode passed.
The Story
The story follows an older group of friends as they live their lives. Each character is going through something different but equally relatable. They’re all growing older and some are dealing with neglectful children, declining health, being fed up with their spouses, and loneliness. Each character brings something different to the table and through it all, you grow close to each and every single one of them. From each of the different women in the friends group, to their kids, and mostly, to Wan. Wan was the kid that was there for all of the old ladies and she had a special relationship with each of them. They were family to her and she was there for them the same way that they were there for her. The story is woven pretty tight and before you know what’s what, you’ll be hooked.
The Cast
A huge chunk of this cast was familiar to me but the ones that weren’t, are familiar now. I adored each and every single one of these characters from main to supporting and I thought that each of them really shined and did a fantastic job bringing their characters to life. I cried and I laughed, and I felt all of the feelings because these actors and actresses are really good at their jobs. Not too long after I finished this show, BTS came to Las Vegas and I swear I saw my favorite halmoni at the airport after the concert. I was struck mute after seeing her rush from the car on the street to the airport. She was there with two young kids that I assumed were her grandkids but I had the biggest smile on my face because I loved her character in this show so much.
Final Thoughts
Overall, this drama was a great one. It has everything that I love and adore in a show. A charming cast, stories that come to life with every episode, and some life lessons that I apply to my own life. This show made me want to be a better daughter to my Dad. It made me glad for the time that I spent with my Mom and her friends when she was alive. It also made me want to listen more and talk less. My Dad is full of stories from his life in Samoa, to the beginning of his life here in the States, and I’m determined more than ever, thanks to this show, to make sure that I record those stories so that I can keep the memories alive for our future generations.

Through Wan and all of her old lady friends, we are treated to a heartwarming drama that will leave you appreciating the people in your life and want to hug your older relatives closer and tighter before they’re gone. You will feel all of the feels in this drama and you’ll be glad that you watched it when all is said and done. I definitely recommend.
Final Rating


4 out of 5

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Review: School 2021

Posted July 5, 2022 by Rowena in Reviews | 0 Comments

School 2021

Starring: Kim Yo Han, Jo Yi Hyun, Choo Young Woo, Hwang Bo Reum
Year Released: 2021
Number of Episodes: 16
Genre: , Contemporary, Drama, Romance
Country: Korea
Where I Watched It: Viki

“School 2021” is the story of students attending a specialized high school and seeking their ambitions, rather than going off to college. It will delve into how these students learn about love, friendship, true passions, and growing up in an intense environment.

Kong Ki Joon is a hardworking student who assumes work and school simultaneously. He is a person who loses his 11-year-old dream of taekwondo due to injury and is unsure of knowing what to do. Jung Young Joo is a transfer student with a hidden story and a past connection to Kong Ki Joon.

Jin Ji Won, a confident high school girl with a solid dream, confidently communicates her opinion though she is in conflict with her mother about going to college. Kang Seo Young is a gifted student who is preparing, by herself, for college entrance exams. She is aiming to enter one of the top five universities in Korea.

Lee Kang Hoon is a teacher who values a work-life balance. He gradually grows along with his students. Koo Mi Hee is the chairman of the board. Lee Jae Hee is the twin sister of Lee Jae Hyuk. She is a quiet person and strives to make many new changes. Lee Jae Hyuk is Lee Jae Hee’s twin. Unlike Jae Hee, Jae Hyuk is the person who receives support from the foundation.
I’m not sure what prompted my desire to watch this show. I didn’t watch any of the other school shows and I don’t remember watching any of the characters in anything else but for some reason, I wanted to watch this and I’m glad that I did. This drama had the right amount of cuteness, the right amount of romance, and the right characters to really bring the story together. I enjoyed each character and though I enjoyed the secondary romance more than the main romance, I still rather enjoyed the drama as a whole and am already on the lookout for more dramas to support and watch each actor/actress in this show.

The main romance was cute but there were times when it moved a smidge too slow for my liking. There wasn’t anything wrong with either character, I just enjoyed other characters more and that’s not supposed to happen with the main couple. Of the two in the main romance, Ki Joon was probably my least favorite character. I felt bad for what he was going through with his grandfather but I couldn’t connect with anything else where he was concerned. I didn’t hate him or anything, he just wasn’t my favorite character. I liked the female lead well enough but she wasn’t my favorite either. I did like her though. My heart hurt for the way that she was out there chasing her dream, even though she was going through her shit with her Mom.

My favorite part of this show was the secondary romance. Every week that I tuned in, I was waiting to see if there was any more development between these two. I knew that Young Woo had a thing for Ji Won but man, Seo Young, my favorite character in this entire show had it so bad for him, and seeing the two of them come into their feelings for each other had the right amount of push and pull for me to tune in every single week. I loved their background stories and I really enjoyed their characters as well. I’m not normally one who pulls for the secondary characters as much as the main couple but in this drama, it was all about Young Joo and Seo Youn for me.

Overall, this was an easy show to watch. It wasn’t bogged down with too much shit and I really appreciated that. The characters were interesting, and seeing them have to deal with a bunch of shitty adults and tackle each problem that came their way as a team made for lots of heartwarming interactions and while this isn’t my favorite drama of the year, I appreciated their efforts in delivering a satisfying drama that kept me interested and invested in what was to come. I recommend.
Final Rating


3.5 out of 5

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